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BabyMel Changing Bag Giveaway (in association with Sudocrem and the Baby Changing Room Awards )

It’s crazy to think that in 2017, there are still public places with totally substandard changing facilities, but it’s a fact. Although both of my girls are well beyond the nappy phase, I still notice these things when we’re out and about and I’ve given more than one sympathetic eyeroll to a struggling Dad who doesn’t know whether to balance his kid on his lap to attempt a bum-change, or brave the ladies toilet where the ONLY changing facilities have been inconveniently placed. One place I never fail to be impressed by is our local IKEA. Not only to many of them have HUGE family toilets which have ample space for buggies and wheelchairs, their family loos also have an adult size toilet and a kid sized on in the same room so that everyone is catered for in one special space.

Sudocrem Baby Changing Room AwardsFive years ago, Sudocrem launched the Baby Changing Room Awards to celebrate exactly that – spaces which have been designed with ease and inclusiveness in mind, and this year’s nominations are now open. The awards aim to recognise the fact that “changing” is about SO much more than babies, and that there are children with complex needs who’s parents need adequate facilities to make their lives easier.

Parents like Laura Rutherford, whose son Brody, 5, suffers from GDD, epilepsy, hypermobility and hypotonia, is forced to change her son on a toilet floor. “Life beyond a baby changing table when your child is doubly incontinent means constant exclusions when you go out as a family. It’s heart breaking for us as parents and this is an issue that will sadly become harder and harder as he grows up. He is different not less. Time for change.”

Jenny Miller CEO of PAMIS explains, “We are thrilled that Sudocrem have recognized the needs of children with complex needs as they grow too large for baby changing facilities. Children and young people who require these facilities are often prevented from taking part in their communities by the simple things that we take for granted. In 2007 we cofounded the  Changing Places Consortium and campaign to develop accessible facilities for the most disabled people in the UK. The Sudocrem award scheme is a great idea and we’re confident it’s going to make a big difference!

If you would like to nominate a changing room for the award, then let us know which changing room, why you want to nominate it and preferably include a photo on Facebook via the Sudocrem website or by emailing

To promote the awards, Sudocrem is giving one lucky Mum’s the Word reader the chance to win a beautiful Babymel Frankie Tweed Nappy Change Bag worth £58.00.

Win a BabyMel changing bag with Mum's the Word and SudocremTo be in with a chance of winning, just complete the Rafflecopter widget below:

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Good luck and don’t forget to nominate your favourtie changing space in the Baby Changing Room Awards!

48 thoughts on “BabyMel Changing Bag Giveaway (in association with Sudocrem and the Baby Changing Room Awards )

  1. I have found a lot of facilities dont allow access for a pushchair so if you have more than 1 child its difficult. Also Ive been in places where its dirty and smelly so Ive walked out

  2. my daughter was not a big baby, however, once a changing room in a restaurant was not fixed to the wall properly and I rather maneuvered to change her nappies while holding her than laying her down

  3. One of the best experiences was probably had was Debenhams, they had wipes and tissues readily available and everything was very clean, one of the worst was Boots, I have twin girls and there nappy changing facility was downstairs and the lift was not big enough to take the pushchair ! x.

  4. I always find that Mothercare is a great place to stop by if your baby needs changing or feeding with facilities that are centered around babies.

  5. I’m a just get on with it type so will change a nappy anywhere is available, on my knee sitting on a loo or elsewhere. I can’t say I have had a bad experience x

  6. Scarily I don’t have any experience of nappy changes..yet! That’s all to change in 7 1/2 weeks though when our first little one hopefully makes her appearance!

  7. had no issues, i feel butlins have great changing facilities but could do with more as its a family place

  8. Once had to change my son on the sticky (urgh!) floor of a family restaurant as they had no changing facilities! Was not impressed!

  9. I’ve so far had no problems with changing rooms, i was really pleased with my local morrsions changing room, it was very clean and big 🙂

  10. I found M&s ones brilliant as well as Fenwicks. Also very accommodating fit breastfeeding with a comfy chair and quiet area which is amazing!

  11. the changing rooms at macdonalds are locked so you have to ask to be let in. had to wait 15 minutes and it was dirty

  12. I had a bad experience once in Morrison’s, a really smelly changing room & the cleaners had ticked they had cleaned the room for the next 4 hours.

  13. Just the odour from the toilets, I think. The actual baby facilities have always been clean and I carry antiseptic wipes, anyway.

  14. No real memorable experiences, just the usual battle to keep the toddler from opening the curtain whilst I’m dressing & keeping the volume of the 6 yr old’s ‘Mummy, you have a wobbly bum’ to a minimum!

  15. To be honest, I avoid shopping with my little boy (which means I barely shop on the high street at all!) but still have a few examples of having to park the buggy outside and hope he stays asleep or get help,to manhandle the buggy in with me.

  16. I also have found John Lewis changing room facilities to be good, a lot more space and clean. Though I always use my own antibacterial wipes everywhere first!

  17. I took my little boy into a changing room last week and it was actually a nice one. My first changing a poopy nappy while out which I was nervous about. He cried for 2 mins then was grinning and smiling at me. The changing table was cushiony so he loved kicking his little legs. It was overall not as bad as I was expecting

  18. Great experience at Belmont Bull Bolton, Landlady has a young family and appreciates the needs of parents.

  19. My daughter did a very smelly poop whilst we were out in Blackpool. We squeezed into the smallest baby changing room EVER, baby was crying like mad, I was getting so stressed….. and then it turned out it was just wind…

  20. I have to say I rate Debenhams changing rooms / feedings room for most comfortable and for how clean they are. I also have a nice experience when going in and the rooms are very large too.

  21. We’ve never had any issues with changing/baby rooms. Wetherspoons can be a bit ropey every now and again!

  22. I hate it when you go changing room and you have to wait only to find someone is using it with out a baby or a child . I have also never come across at nice of clean one i always carry my own Bactria wipes and wipe everything first

  23. I’ve always had good experiences in feeding rooms, especially John Lewis (Liverpool) and Mothercare (Wirral)

  24. There’s a changing room at our local shopping centre which has a call button to let you into the room.. super secure I guess! Tiny room which I could barely fit the pram into. Got bub all changed and then couldn’t figure out how to get out of the room! The door was locked and there was no unlock! I was freaking out! Tiny room and claustrophobic here! I banged on the door for ages and then looked to my left.. there was a button to press to exit.. whoops!

  25. Popped into a changing room in Birmingham Pallasades with the godkid, he wasnt feeling well and spewed up making quite the mess. Thankfully there were plenty of towels to clean it up and flush away the goop

  26. The changing room in John Lewis is always clean and has a separate toilet large enough for a buggy, often with a changing unit in it too. Also they often have a breastfeeding area which is slightly screened off from the rest of the room.

  27. Years ago,when my boys were were very small,we went into a cubicle that had an adult toilet,a small child toilet and a changing table in it.It was a great idea and very conveniant.I could even get my double buggy in there.

  28. I voted for John Lewis, Newcastle, because the baby changing rooms are cleaned regularly and they have a separate toilet large enough for a buggy or another toddler/child.

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