For many bloggers, blogging is a serious hobby. They take it seriously enough to attend to it several times during the week, if not every single day. However, they make no effort to transform the hobby into a real business. Sure, you may create passive income from your blogging activities, but is that enough to make people take you seriously as a professional blogger? If your audience still thinks of you as the stay-at-home mum with a laptop, then you know that you haven’t achieved your professional objectives. How do hobby bloggers become respected professionals, you ask. It’s simple. You need to build your blogging activity like a business.

Make it a business

Many bloggers are freelancers who need to fill up their tax return as self-employed individuals. But if you want your blog to become a respectable source of revenue, it’s time to stop the amateurish approach. Your blog is a business, and consequently, it should be treated as such. In other words, you need to consider a company formation which can transform your blog into an LTD company. From a personal point of view, you are not a freelancer anymore; you are an entrepreneur. It’s not just a matter of vocabulary. Being an entrepreneur can open you the doors to many more blogging opportunities with large-scale clients. If you don’t want to rent an office and are not feeling comfortable sharing your private postal address, you can use a P.O. box online to create your company profile. This will allow you to get access to all postal communications from anywhere in the world, using the cloud.


Deal with your post virtually


Improve your blogging skills

How would you rate your blogging skills? You can create exciting blog posts if you decide to bring a new ethic to your business. But if you intend to rely on images, such as for a travel blog, you may want to consider investing in a decent camera. The worst thing for a blog article is a grammar mistake that ruins the professionalism of your text. If you’re worried about accidental errors, you can work with a proofreader to cast an eye over things. From Grammarly to a professional proofreader, there are plenty of options for you to improve the quality of your content.

Creative blogger

Offline promotions exists too

Finally, while it’s true that your blog lives in the digital sphere, it doesn’t mean that your potential clients are online too. If you decide to offer your blogging services to companies, it’s likely that those won’t be strong in the digital presence – otherwise, they wouldn’t need your help. So, you need to improve your networking skills at events and tradeshows to get yourself noticed. If you can, sign up as a speaker at a conference where you can explain the importance of blogging. Make sure to have plenty of business cards with your credentials to distribute to the audience at the end of the event. Offline promotion is the key to attract new clients.

So there’s only one question left to ask: are you ready to build your blogging business?