It’s always easy to look at  life through rose tinted glasses, isn’t it? When you’re having a bad day, you might think that you drew the short straw, and that others have got it easy. But that’s not necessarily the case. You may look at the lives of others and think that they’re better than yours, but remember, you’re not always getting the whole picture.


When your friends, family, colleagues, or neighbors always seem so happy, it can drive you insane. It may also make you believe that they’re so much happier in life than you are, but again, that may not be the case. They could be suffering from a lot of issues, but they just keep it all in. Everyone has their demons, so don’t just assume that they’re not.


Comparing your love life is never a good idea. When you’ve argued with your other half, it’s easy to assume that you’re unhappy and better off without them – especially when others seem so happy. Because the grass must be greener, right? Wrong! Love isn’t easy to judge, because you never really know what goes on behind closed doors.


When you see your neighbours with a new car, or your best friend with a new bag, you’re probably always wondering where they get their money from. But you don’t know if they’re drowning in debt! So don’t assume. Not even with your favourite TV characters. Because as the below infographic shows us, even their financial situations may not be as rosy in real life.

Infographic: How Much Money Would These TV Characters Make In Real Life?