A New Sofa for Christmas #mydfs, #toogoodtogoout

It may be the case that I’m a 33 year old woman who’s lived in her own home since the beginning of 2006, but I have a little secret…I’ve never owned a new sofa! When Husband and I moved in together almost 12 years ago, his sister had just moved and gave us her old suite, then after getting Chuck and then two babies, buying something new seemed like a bad move. And to be fair, we were right – I’ve lost count, over the years, of the amount of mud, food, juice, sick, pen, baby poop and many, MANY other disgusting things we’ve had to wash off of our sofas in the past decade and a bit!

So, you can understand my absolute delight when DFS got in touch a few weeks ago and asked if we wanted £1000 to spend on a new sofa from their ‘Delivered Before Christmas’ collection. Husband and I spend HOURS looking at the selection on their website, before deciding that we needed to get up close and personal with them, so we went to out nearest DFS showroom to put our bums on the seats.

After much deliberating, costing up and measuring to make sure it would fit in our house, we chose the Vivid collection, in Teal (my favourite colour) – for just over the £1000 budget (£1049, to be precise) we managed to get two three-seater sofas, an armchair and a footstool in a gorgeous co-ordinating pattern.

The process of ordering was so straightforward – the lady on the phone went through everything, explained the process and then between ordering and delivery, we received several emails and text messages, keeping us up to date with when we could expect delivery and all the other details. If you need a new suite before Christmas, I can imagine the process being quite stressful without all of the added customer care that DFS includes in the process. At NO point was I worried about when our sofas might arrive, or left feeling in the dark about even the most minor detail. We even received a letter containing a swatch of the fabric from which our sofas were being made so that we could match up any accessories or decoration to them. Such a fabulous detail for DFS to think of!

Sofa delivery day! #dfs #toogoodtogoout

Now that we’ve got the new sofas and a proper grown-up living room, we basically don’t want to leave the house – DFS were SO right when they called this campaign Too Good to Go Out! In terms of quality, the sofas are amazing; super comfy, really sturdy and well made and they look even better in real life than they did in the showroom. We’ve spent basically every evening since having movie nights at home, enjoying our comfy, cosy new living room furniture and the chance to spend quality time together as a family. Here’s us, enjoying a pre-Christmas viewing of one of our family favourites – Elf!

If you want to see the other people taking part in the #TooGoodToGoOut campaign, head over to DFS Twitter feed or their Instagram page for some brilliant lining room inspiration.

4 thoughts on “A New Sofa for Christmas #mydfs, #toogoodtogoout

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  3. First of all, your new sofa is looking so amazing! Definitely can tell a fun person lives there. I love seeing how you decorated around sofa. You did a great job of mixing textures and colors, the room looks amazing!
    And second, really appreciate your honesty in blogging!

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