4 Key Reasons That End You in Debt

Most people scream and yell when debt overburdens them. The biggest issue is that they never realize why they ended up in a bad debt situation in the first place. To come up with a solution, it is important to eliminate the cause. Once you overcome the cause, only then you can bring back the financial stability in your life.

We will look at some of the reasons that lead to debt issues in the first place.

Causes Of Debt Piling Up

Spending beyond your means

The biggest reason most people out there end up with debt is overspending.This usually happens when you do not define your budget. When there is no planning and budget, then you are bound to be spending beyond your means.

Absence of insurance

There are times when you ignore the need for insurance. This is why you end up with a bad financial situation in the first place. If you have health insurance, then you can deal with the unexpected medical expenses coming your way. When you do not have health insurance, this can be catastrophic.

Same holds true for businesses. If they have insurance, they can deal with the unexpected financial issues.

 Medical cost

 Sometimes you have to undergo an emergency medical procedure. This is one more reason that you end up dealing with unexpected expenses and end up with debt.

 Having insufficient financial knowledge

When people do not have enough financial knowledge, they end up making the wrong decisions and end up with debt.

 Here it is important that we should look at the uncontrollable factors also that lead to a bad financial situation. Inflation is one of the key reasons. The cost of living goes up almost every year. This is why people have to go beyond their means to handle the living costs.

 Another issue is local taxes continue to increase. This is also another element that cannot be controlled by individuals.

The wise move on your part will be to adopt the proactive approach. When you notice that your debt has started to pile up, approach a good debt settlement company right away. You should not wait for the situation to get worse.

However, it is important that you should check out the reputation of a debt management company before you make your selection. The best way to check out the reputation is by looking at the reviews about the company.

For example, you can go through the cura debt reviews. Once you have gone through the reviews, the free consultation should be the next step. This way you will get the idea if the company holds the ability to handle your case.

It is also important that you should be honest and upfront about your debt issues. Otherwise, the company will not be able to assist you much. Discuss your concerns with the debt management company, and they will make sure that they present the most feasible solution that suits your needs by all means for sure.

Make sure that you take your first step towards debt settlement and you will contend with your move.


Being an Adult Sometimes Sucks

Don't Make Me AdultIf there’s one thing I could teach my kids it’s that they need to manage their expectations when it comes to being an adult. Yeah, it’s all fun and games when you’re 18, in your first full time job so you’ve got pots of cash but no real responsibilities, but once you start having to actually be a PROPER ADULT, the sheen wears off pretty damn soon! If I’d known when I was a kid that there are some aspects of adulthood which, quite honestly, SUCK I might not have been so keen to rush towards it. Here’s just a few of them:

Christmas is No Longer About Me

When I was a kid, Christmas was something that just happened to me. I didn’t have to think about budgets and present buying and food and making it magical, it JUST HAPPENED. Now that I’m the adult, I have to be the one to think about these things (although I am EXTREMELY lucky in the fact that Husband does most of the Christmas shopping every year so that I don’t have to) and it really reduces the magic levels. The one thing I DO like is that Husband and I usually wait until the January sales and treat each other then, and this year I’m hoping for a new bag in the handbags sale!

I Have to Make Crappy Decisions

This ranges from the small and seemingly insignificant to the huge and life-changing, and decisions from every part of that spectrum can feel really rubbish at times. Sure, it’s fun to decide where we go on holiday or what cute outfits I’m going to dress BB in, but everything else can feel like a crushing weight when we don’t know what the outcome of our decisions will be.


When you’re a kid, or even a young adult, no one expects much of you. You don’t have to have an immaculate home, you don’t have kids so there’s no healthy meals, good schooling or extracurricular activities to think about, you aren’t even expected to be sober for much of the time. When you’re a proper grown-up, being a drunk, slovenly mother who’s kids don’t go to swimming lessons is FROWNED UPON. So, even when times get tough, you have to hold your shit together for the sake of the small people you grew in your body and just keep on keeping on.

Which parts of being an adult do you hate the most?


How to Help Someone You Love Who is Suffering from Depression

With 1 in 4 individuals living in the UK suffering from a mental illness, it is likely that someone in your family or friends group is one of those people. From depression to border-line personality disorder, there is always one recurring factor that must be remembered. Seek help. The more support within a sufferer’s life, the less pressurised they feel to wallow in their irrational shame and isolation.

By reading this article, I hope to enlighten your world with ways in which you can help those in your life coping with depression. But don’t worry if they don’t reach out to you immediately. Something with such a mind-numbing pain attached can often take the person time to understand and cope with it themselves.

Understanding Depression

The first step to caring for those you love is through understanding the illness itself. Without the knowledge of how the illness is affecting them and others, there is no real relevant way that you can help. However, as each individual has their own experience of depressive symptoms, it is advised to let them explain how they feel first. Once this has been established, then you can begin to cushion the impact for them. For example, if they feel as though they are isolated from the world and this is creating an overt sense of depression, then make them aware that you are always available for company or even a simple cup of tea.

Despite this, people with mental illnesses also tend to value their time alone to reflect and get to know themselves, so you should definitely avoid any form of smothering.  Nevertheless, with a gentle reminder that you are there for them, this can go a long way.

Another way in which you can help your loved one is through the boosting of their low self-esteem. With depression, it is almost guaranteed that the way in which they feel about themselves is fairly negative. But if you want to care for them, then reinforcing a cycle of positivity can help with this. So, if they have decided to get out of bed, or are looking more cheerful on those better days, then don’t forget to remind them of this. With the occasional complimentary comment, you can help to break their negative thought pattern, reminding them that they always have been, and of course always will be a beautiful person.

Don’t Make It All About You and Your Experiences… Just Let Them Talk

If you also suffer from depression yourself, I am sure you are aware that there is nothing worse than people smothering you with their stories of how they overcame their illness. In one way, they probably believe that by telling you about their experiences, this will automatically benefit you; however, it doesn’t. As I’ve mentioned before, each individual person suffers from their own specific depressive symptoms, meaning that just because you’ve overcome your illness, by following the same path they can too. This is a common mistake and can often make those being talked at feel insignificant and overwhelmed.

The first step to success in this area is to make it obvious that you are available to talk. By extending this invitation, this then provides them with the opportunity to accept whenever they feel comfortable and ready to open up. As the first discussion can be overpowering, then you must be prepared for tears and snotty messes; but once they come to terms with their depression, and accept that they need help, then it can only go up from there. It is also important to remember that often when people discuss their mental illness, they feel ashamed of their ‘weaknesses’. However, as a stigma that needs to be destroyed, you must make them aware that it is okay to feel down. It is the recovery and learning to love yourself that is important. By doing so, you’ll reinforce this significantly important mantra: Your mental illness does not define you!

Every Little Helps

A further method support is to reinforce the importance of maintaining their typical everyday schedule. When suffering from depression, an ordinary routine can often become overwhelming, causing isolation and sadness to consume them as you feel as though they cannot leave their bed. This can often lead to difficulties regarding money, especially if they convince themselves that going into work is not an option. However, by contacting advice services such as Mental Health and Money Advice, professionals who understand will be able to create a plan of guidance and offer you services into how to help someone with poor mental health with their expenses.

By following the aide of this article, I hope that you will be able to alleviate the suffering of your loved one. As such a common problem in the UK, I know how consuming mental illnesses can be. However, with your support, you should be able to encourage your family member or friend to open up and seek the support that they so desperately deserve.

Gift Ideas · Kids

Alternative Christmas Gifts for Tweens

There are members of our family who are easier to buy for each year, and then there are some who are just flat-out difficult every bloody year! This year, much to my surprise, one of the toughest people to buy for has been Sausage. Every other year, she’s been a doddle, but every time someone asks me for ideas of what to get her I struggle, and asking her is usually met with “I’m not really sure”. I guess it’s good that she’s either not a covetous kid, or feels like she has everything she needs, but it doesn’t make it very easy for the whole family to buy for her, so I’ve been trying to think outside the box for gift ideas for her. Here’s some stuff I’ve come up with:

Experience Days

Obviously she’s a bit small for supercar track days or afternoon tea, but there’s been a pretty big surge in experience days for kids, with things like kids paintball taking off. Sausage loves doing crafts and art, so a voucher for a ceramics studio would be the perfect gift for her as it would give her an afternoon of doing something she loves, with something to show as a keepsake at the end of it.

Band T-Shirts

Sausage seems to be one of the only 9-year-old girls on the planet who isn’t obsessed with unicorns this year, but she is finding her identity through music at the moment (her David Meowie t-shirt is probably her most prized possession!) so indulging her self-discovery with some cool band t-shirts would be much appreciated by Sausage.  


Sausage has always had books for Christmas (last year it was Pokemon graphic novels!) and she’s at an age where books are still a cool Christmas gift, as long as we opt for the right ones! I’m thinking of getting her a set of The Hunger Games trilogy as I reckon she’s at an age where she’d really enjoy them.


Sausage is 100% my kid when it comes to her love of all things pen-and-paper related. Rarely a day goes by when she can’t be found either drawing pictures or writing stories, and I know she’d love a proper hard-back journal for all of her writing, so we’re planning to find her something really funky.


Last summer, Husband and I bought Sausage a Pandora bracelet for her birthday, which means that charms are always a good option for gifts. She also had her second lobe piercing done and has a bit of a reputation amongst her classmates for wearing some really individual and cool earrings (I think today’s earings were BMO from Adventure Time!), so jewellery is always a really good option for us, even if it’s cheaper stuff which can be used as stocking fillers.

What are you buying your tweens this year?


Saving Time vs. Saving Money

It’s no secret that I am really far from being a domestic goddess. Housework is basically the bane of my life and Husband has offered on more than one occasion to pay for people to come and make my life easier – although I usually refuse out of pure stubbornness and by annoyingly over-blown sense of frugality! There are, however, a few things that we don’t tend to do ourselves and get other people to come and do for us – some of them work out less expensive than you’d expect and will save you a lot of time and effort in the long-run. Here’s a few of them:


Husband and I do the very basics in the garden, but our lawn is actually pretty huge out the back and sometimes is more than our electric mower can handle! There are some great apps which allow you to find people to do full garden services, which allow you to find someone who covers your area, performs the tasks you need and is within your budget. This allows us to spend less time tending the garden and more time enjoying it.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning the insides of windows is one thing – doing the outsides is completely another and I’ve been called Frank Spencer FAR too many times in my life to think that venturing up a ladder with a bucket of water would be a good idea! We have a window cleaner who comes once every couple of months to keep the outside of the windows sparkling clean and it saves me a lot of stress.

Oven Cleaning

A few years ago, when we were moving out of one property and into another, I decided to clean the oven using one of those chemical cleaning kits. The oven came up beautifully clean…but I (and I’m not exaggerating here) ended up with chemical burns up my arms because I got the caustic cleaning fluid on my skin. Aside from the risk of burns, you have to remember to ventilate properly and all the other safety factors, as well as the fact that it can be a really laborious task. For me, oven cleaning is well and truly best left to the professionals!

Chimney Sweeping

We’ve lived in this house for a little over 2 years now and in that time we’ve had our chimneys swept twice. The guy comes in and shoves a vacuum hose up the flue, sucking out any stubborn ash which may be stuck inside it…and that’s basically it. It costs us about £50 each time and looks like something I’d be more than capable of doing myself BUT – it’s something that I’ll always leave to the professionals for the sake of safety. Anything which would put our family at risk is well worth spending the money on.

Are there any home services that you absolutely refuse to do yourself? Leave me a comment below.