6 Winter Makeup Tips

Winter is upon us, and that means different things for many of us depending on where we live. However, overall it typically equates to cooler outdoor temperatures and indoor heat so it’s best to be ready for the changes this will bring. And while we need to moisturize and hydrate more to combat the evils of dry skin, our makeup will need to change as well.

Don’t worry if you’re watching your pennies, as these aren’t huge changes by any means … but changes nonetheless. Need some cold weather inspiration? Read on for six winter makeup tips that will keep you glowing during these colder months without opting for permanent make-up.

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  1. Go Lighter with Your Foundation

Even if you were diligent with your sunscreen over the summer, you likely had at least a hint of a tan. In fact, you probably had to go darker with your foundation because of it. Unless you plan on vacationing to tropical areas all winter long (lucky you!), it’s time to go back to a shade that’s a better match to your natural skin tone.

  1. Fixing Fun with Correctors

No one’s skin is flawless (even you, Kate Beckinsale) but our flaws tend to become more apparent during the winter. This is probably because we don’t have the benefit of hiding behind the aforementioned tan. Don’t fret, though, as a good corrector can do the trick. Hiding dark spots, blemishes, and other imperfections, a palette with various shades of correctors is a makeup artist’s favorite tool. Not only will this corrector conceal your flaws but it will also brighten the skin during the winter months.

  1. Bring on the Bronzer and/or Self-Tanner

If you’ve got Nicole Kidman-esque porcelain skin, go ahead and rock that all winter long. The rest of us often need a bit of help to look as though we haven’t actually died without anyone knowing. Most everyone looks good with color, so work with a makeup artist at your favorite cosmetics store to find a bronzer or self-tanner that will give you a sun-kissed look without getting orange in the process.

  1. Get Festive with Blush and Highlighter

Many women assume they can’t pull off highlighter, but everyone can and should! Again, if you’re not confident in your ability to apply this fun kind of cosmetic to your face, ask a makeup artist for help. Combined with just the right amount of blush, this can be a magical look. While a powder highlighter would be fine, a liquid one would be even better for winter. And if you’re going to a holiday or New Year’s Eve party, you might even consider choosing one with a bit of shimmer. Have some fun!

  1. Beware of Pores

We want to avoid doing our makeup in such a way that our pores becoming visibly obvious. What will help with that is a good primer, as this helps makeup to avoid going into the cracks and pores. This will also help to avoid highlighting wrinkles, so it’s a win/win. You also want to stay away from anything too powdery during the winter and stick to dewy products due to dry skin.

As celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose says via Allure magazine, “Powder can make fair skin look duller.” Instead, he says to go with a moisturizing cream that’s one shade warmer than your own skin tone.

  1. Keep Those Lips Luscious

We all have friends who are lipstick addicts but the harsh truth is that, if your lips are prone to cracking during the winter, lipstick is only going to highlight this. You can opt for a moisturizing lipstick or stick with a tinted lip balm. The latter is handy for that time under the mistletoe during the holiday season.

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The winter months can be harsh on our skin so we need to give it a good base by getting plenty of rest, keeping up with our cleansing routine, and perhaps even giving a bit more TLC with hydrating masks. But beyond that—if you follow these makeup tips during these colder months—you will have that glowing, dewy skin many assume you can only get during the summer months.


Understand the Memory of a Laptop

RAM (random access memory) is an important place in a computer where the application programs and data in use are stored so that processor can easily access this data. RAM is a short-term memory of your PC, and it can save a modest amount of information that is easy to access. You will need laptop reviews to find out thememory of your laptop. The RAM is almost 100 times faster than a hard drive or SSD but holds 100 times fewer data, and this data is temporary because the RAM will lose data as the power goes off. RAM is faster to read and write as compared to other types of computer storage, such as SSD (solid-state drive) and HDD (hard disk drive) or optical drive.

RAM will hold this data as long as the computer is running. As the computer turned off, the RAM will lose its data. As you turned on your computer again, the operating system and files are loaded once again in the RAM from SDD or HDD. Ram is small in physical size and storage capacity. A typical laptop may have 4 gigabytes RAM, but a hard disk can hold almost ten terabytes.

Types of RAM

Here are different types of RAMs available in the market, but the use of SDRAM memory is an old and plain memory that will slow your system down. There are various types of RAM, such as SDRAM, Rambus DRAM, and DDR.

SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM)

Nearly all systems are designed with 168-pin, 3.3-volt SDRAM DIMMs. It is not an extension of old EDO DRAM, but it is a new DRAM. SDRAMis run at 66 MHz, but the older fast page EDO and DRAM max out at nearly 50 MHz. The SDRAM can be scaled to PC133 (133 MHz) officially and unofficially almost 180MHz or even high. As the processor works faster, the advanced memory requires RDRAM and DDR for proper functioning.

Double Data Rate SDRAM (DDR)

DDR can double the speed of data transfer of SDRAM by transferring data according to the clock cycle. DDR memory operates at nearly 333 MHz or 166 MHz * 2 (aka PC2700 / PC333) or 1333 MHz * 2 (PC2100/PC266). Being 2.5-volt technology, the DDR uses 184 pins in DIMMs. It is not physically compatible with SDRAM but utilizes same parallel bus to make the implementation easy than RDRAM. RDRAM is a different technology.


Despite its high cost, the Intel has blessed the consumer market with RDRAM. This technology is specially designed for Pentium 4 of Intel. The RDRAM is a leading serial technology arrived in 3 flavors, such as PC 600, PC 700 and PC 800. The RDRAM PC 800 has increased the throughput of PC 100 SDRAM, but a sophisticated dormancy. The advanced RDRAM designs with numerous channels, such as the motherboard of Pentium 4 are at the top of the heap in the memory quantity, especially after pairing with PC-1066RDRAM memory.

DRAM is available in two important forms, such as RIMMs and DIMMs. RIMMs utilize only 16-bit interface, but it runs at a higher speed as compared to DDR. To enhance the performance, the chipsets of RDRAM require RIMMS instead of a dual 32-bit interface. The DIMMs contains 64-bit components, but if you want to use in a motherboard with dual configuration channel, you should pair them and enhance their performance.


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Taking the Horrid Out of Horrid Henry

There’s no denying that Sausage and BB are very different in their personalities; Sausage has always been one of those kids who’s almost too well behaved and Husband and I have wished in the past that she’d been a little more outspoken so that she doesn’t just go with the flow and have her opinion disregarded. BB, on the other hand, is NOT the sort of kid to ever let her opinion go unheard and largely her strong personality is something we cherished (albeit through slightly gritted teeth at times!). Just recently though, we’ve seen a bit of a change in her personality and we couldn’t work out where it was coming from. Her normal strident approach to life was turning into a downright stroppy one, and it’s something which was impacting all of us.

One of the phrases which had mysteriously entered her vocabulary was “IT’S NOT FAIR”, which was usually accompanied by some sort of pout and throwing herself bodily onto the nearest soft surface, and I just couldn’t work out where it was coming from…until Sausage mentioned one of BB’s recent televisual favourites…Horrid Henry.

It wasn’t until Sausage mentioned how often Henry utters this phrase that we realised the direct correlation between BB watching the show and this phrase becoming her go-to protest. With age-gap kids, there was no doubt we’d face a bit of attitude from BB purely because Sausage is given a little more leeway and responsibility than her little sis – it’s normal; Sausage is nine, BB is three. However, the push-back has been so much worse of late and I’m definitely laying some of the blame on Henry!

I must confess, I’ve always been hugely sceptical when people blame things like TV or video games for kid’s behaviour. I’m a child of the Eighties, Husband of the late Seventies, so video games feel like they belong to OUR generation and I’ve seen far more evidence-based studies which prove positive effects of TV and computer games than the negative ones. We’ve always been pretty chilled out with what we let them watch and how much screen time we let them have, and with Sausage it never seemed to be an issue, but sometimes we forget that with BB, we’re not parenting Sausage Mark II, we’re dealing with a totally different kid…that and the fact that Sausage never watched a TV show, the entire premise of which was of a bratty little shit who no one actually likes!

So, in a somewhat unprecedented move for Husband and I, we’ve put a temporary ban on all things Horrid Henry for now, and if it makes a difference it will probably become a permanent ban. Instead of allowing BB to watch it when she’s using Netflix, we’re guiding her to shows where the characters aren’t mean and nasty all the time, where there’s no cries of “IT’S NOT FAIR” in every episode and where the main plot lines don’t revolve around mean-spiritedness. I never thought I’d be THAT mum, but it seems I am. And, after just a cursory search, it seems that we’re not the only ones either – I’ve found DOZENS of tweets from other parents about how they’ve banned Horrid Henry from their houses, making me feel a little bit less like Mary Whitehouse.

Horrid Henry Banned Tweets Horrid Henry Banned Tweets 2

Have you ever banned your kids from watching a TV show because of the effect it had on their behaviour? Did it make a difference? (we’re only 24 hours in and it already seems to be making a difference to BB but that could be a fluke) Do you think that it’s all nonsense and that TV doesn’t really affect the way they behave? I’d love to hear your experiences and opinions on this so please do leave me a comment below.


Tips for Organising Your Wardrobe Space

Organising Your Wardrobe

Do you have trouble finding what you need in your wardrobe space?  Are your wardrobes so disorganised that you dread going to look for something to wear?  If so, then you really need to do something about it.  But where do you start?  Organising your wardrobe can seem like a difficult task but it doesn’t have to be if you have the proper know-how.  Below we are going to learn some tips that will help make the process easier.

Use A Canvas Wardrobe for Overflow

If your wardrobes are bursting at the seams with too many clothes and you don’t want to get rid of anything, VonHaus canvas wardrobes can be your best friend.  These durable canvas wardrobes can safely store your extra clothing that won’t fit in your wardrobe.  This will help keep your house organised and you will be able to find what you need when you want it.  No more digging through cluttered wardrobes and laying out your clothes for the next day will be easy!  Canvas wardrobes are easy to install and in a matter of a few minutes, you can have a new place to store your clothes.

Put Your Shoes on The Door

Shoes often take up a lot of space in the top or bottom of your wardrobe.  This space is valuable and clearing it out for other uses is very important.  But where are you supposed to put all your shoes?  How about on the door?  By installing a shoe rack on the back of your wardrobe door, you can free up a lot of space and keep your shoes safe and sound.  These shoe racks are highly affordable, and you won’t have to spend a lot of money on them.  But make sure that you choose one that is made from durable materials which can stand up to the test of time.  Shoe racks come in a lot of different sizes and you can even hang them on the wall of your wardrobe if you have a lot of shoes in your collection.

Hire A Professional to Help

If your wardrobes are so badly cluttered and you feel like you can’t handle the job alone, you might want to consider hiring a professional organiser.  These very knowledgeable and talented professionals can help you get your wardrobe space organised quickly.  They can even give you some tips that will help you stay organised after they have left.  While they do charge a fee, the money you will spend will be worth it and your wardrobe will look amazing!

As you can see, these tips can really help you get organised.  Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money getting your wardrobes in order.  But if you want to get someone to help, hiring a professional organiser is well worth the added cost.  Most importantly, always keep in mind that when you have an organised wardrobe, it will make life much simpler.  Being organised will allow you to easily pick out your clothes and save you time.


What Residence Is Right For You? Tips To Help You Choose

Today’s Residences Have Many Colors

There are a lot of residential options available on the market nowadays. Traditional living is oftentimes the most reliable, sustainable, and secure; but as society has advanced, there are different options today’s homeowners can choose from. Take, for example, the prefabricated unit.

These aren’t likely to return as much value for their expense, but then again, you can source prefabricated residential homes, mobile homes, trailers, and tiny homes at premium prices which make them particularly valuable in their own right. You won’t see much—or likely any–profit if you have to sell, but you’ll certainly get more back than the deposit from a rental situation.

Mobile van-dwelling youths also characterize many independent, traveling citizens today. This is an investment that has next to zero returns in terms of the “property value” itself. Depreciation is harsh on a mobile home. However, opportunity is wide, and one can spend decades bouncing from town to town with the right occupation—like writing, for instance.

One of the most lucrative developments characterizing today is the apartment property which is extremely family friendly. That is: an apartment that is purchased and owned, rather than leased, by the tenant.

Apartment Property

Apartment properties, properly purchased, can be individually customized and later sold for a profit. It just requires finding a property that is trending upwards, and selling at the right time. That said, oftentimes there are apartments that are hard to let go of—they’re the kind of place people decide to live in for the rest of their lives.

All that being said, when it comes to choosing a luxury apartment, there are some tips worth considering. Location, time of build, whether or not the location is trending, access to amenities, and your own comfort in the space are all big things worth considering. You want to be near what’s going on if you’re living downtown!

An example of considerable apartment properties are those at, these premiere properties are located right in the center of Hollywood where you’ll find restaurants, shopping centers, entertainment venues, transportation options, and so much more. Everything a family needs.

Traditional Residences

Of course, traditional residences still characterize a large number of long-term living arrangements. And one of the wisest tips you can consider when it comes to living in a suburban home pertains to regular upkeep, maintenance, and upgrade. You should try and do a substantial addition, upgrade, or alteration about every five years.

It doesn’t have to be a big change, just the right change. For example, you might add some decorative statues of some kind at the entrance to the property. Or you might add other exterior alterations which add an idiosyncratic, festive, inviting feel to the home.

Check out this gas lantern from Lantern & Scroll, for example, that feature period reproductions of lighting manufactured in the Carolina and Charleston lantern style. Lanterns like these can add a certain elegance to your property which will play a part in expanding its overall value.

Final Thoughts

No matter what type of residence you settle on, you’ll want to consider upgrading it over time. Sometimes something as simple as the addition of a solar energy system for around $5k can bring $20k in value to your home. Little changes like that can sweeten the sale of your home at the last minute, or save you money on utilities for decades.

As you go about determining your long-term residence, or that which you seek to purchase and sell at a profit, consider upgrading, consider the neighborhood, and consider your own and your family’s needs. After all: you’ll be living there.