Must Know Plumbing Tips For New Homeowners

Must Know Plumbing Tips For New Homeowners

As a first-time homeowner, you have a lot to learn about the care of your home. In terms of your plumbing, you need to protect your home from disastrous and costly problems. You must deal with plumbing problems as soon as you notice them to avoid costly water damage issues.

Here are some tips that will help you become a responsible homeowner:

Get Heating And Plumbing Inspection

You can find heating and plumbing inspections at a relatively cheap price – these inspections will help you avoid water damage. Inspections are beneficial because they unearth problems within your heating and plumbing system and give you time to get someone like these plumbers from Sydney, or wherever you are, out to fix them before they escalate. This inspection will bring pressing and not-so-pressing issues to your attention.


Once the inspection is over, you will be given a list of items you need to buy, allowing you to come up with a budget. You can also pay for a camera inspection, where a camera is sent into your sewer system to check for clogs.

Locate The Main Water Shut Off Valve

In the event of an emergency, you should know where the shut off valve in your home is. During a leak, the last thing you need is to start running around looking for the shut off valve. You need to shut the main water supply off to prevent your home from flooding, which will cause water damage. To find your shut off, you might have to crawl under your house or check your basement. If you do end up having a disaster there are always water damage restoration services for you to fall back on!

Clean Your Shower Drain

Ignoring your shower drain can lead to clogs, which will make your bathroom a no-go zone. According to Plumbing Fix, hair is the leading cause of blockage in bathroom drains. Cleaning up debris such as hair from your bathroom drain, your pocket and pipes will thank you. You need to set up a routine maintenance to ensure that no problems occur. To make things easier, install a hair strainer in your drain to prevent hair from going down the drain and clogging it.

Do Not Use Liquid Drain Cleaners

Liquid drain cleaners usually leave you with more problems than you bargained for because they reduce the life of your pipes. Instead of using liquid cleaners, which eat up your pipes, invest in a snake. We’re not talking about a real snake here. You can buy an inexpensive snake from the nearest home improvement store and use it to keep your drains free of debris. If a snake does not remove the clog, try using a plunger. You can buy this cheap item from the nearest store.

Cover Outdoor Pipes During Winter

If the water going through your pipes freezes, they can burst and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. How do basements end up flooded after the winter? When water freezes inside the pipes, it expands and because there is nowhere for ice to go, the pipes crack to accommodate the new size. As the cold weather dissipates, the ice melts and seeps through the cracked pipes, flooding your basement. If this occurs while you’re on a vacation, you might come home to a flooded house. To avoid this, you need to winterize your house before the cold season arrives.

Emergency Numbers

You need to have several phone numbers handy for home emergencies: plumbers, HVAC contractors, and electricians. Having a plumber’s number handy is especially important because plumbing issues such as leaks should be addressed immediately.


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  1. These tips are all very handy for the householder to know. One thing we recommend for new homeowners – if unsure – is call out your local plumber and ask them how to check your system and show you how to do some routine maintenance.

  2. My brother was doing the dishes a few days ago and somehow managed to clog the sink. Thanks for the suggestion of not using drain cleaner, I had no idea that they could reduce the lifespan of the pipes. We will be sure to hire a professional to fix the drain in our kitchen.

  3. Hi there, I find the reasons how to eliminate the stress in house issues like dirty kitchen, plumbing, and even unclogged problem. Because of the blogs like yours help the problem so easy to resolve.

  4. Another thing to note before you glue.  You have to first apply a primer. The primer is something that home inspectors check for to ensure that the job was done right.  Primers will also have to correlate with the type of piping that you are priming.

  5. Bathrooms often contain the largest number of plumbing fixtures and drain of any room in your home. Every one of these fixtures and drains is connected to a fundamental water supply line and a channel, waste and vent system. This terminology can be befuddling at first, but a fundamental knowledge of bathroom plumbing is anything but difficult to obtain and can demonstrate priceless for a mortgage holder.

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