What Residence Is Right For You? Tips To Help You Choose

Today’s Residences Have Many Colors

There are a lot of residential options available on the market nowadays. Traditional living is oftentimes the most reliable, sustainable, and secure; but as society has advanced, there are different options today’s homeowners can choose from. Take, for example, the prefabricated unit.

These aren’t likely to return as much value for their expense, but then again, you can source prefabricated residential homes, mobile homes, trailers, and tiny homes at premium prices which make them particularly valuable in their own right. You won’t see much—or likely any–profit if you have to sell, but you’ll certainly get more back than the deposit from a rental situation.

Mobile van-dwelling youths also characterize many independent, traveling citizens today. This is an investment that has next to zero returns in terms of the “property value” itself. Depreciation is harsh on a mobile home. However, opportunity is wide, and one can spend decades bouncing from town to town with the right occupation—like writing, for instance.

One of the most lucrative developments characterizing today is the apartment property which is extremely family friendly. That is: an apartment that is purchased and owned, rather than leased, by the tenant.

Apartment Property

Apartment properties, properly purchased, can be individually customized and later sold for a profit. It just requires finding a property that is trending upwards, and selling at the right time. That said, oftentimes there are apartments that are hard to let go of—they’re the kind of place people decide to live in for the rest of their lives.

All that being said, when it comes to choosing a luxury apartment, there are some tips worth considering. Location, time of build, whether or not the location is trending, access to amenities, and your own comfort in the space are all big things worth considering. You want to be near what’s going on if you’re living downtown!

An example of considerable apartment properties are those at www.eastownla.com, these premiere properties are located right in the center of Hollywood where you’ll find restaurants, shopping centers, entertainment venues, transportation options, and so much more. Everything a family needs.

Traditional Residences

Of course, traditional residences still characterize a large number of long-term living arrangements. And one of the wisest tips you can consider when it comes to living in a suburban home pertains to regular upkeep, maintenance, and upgrade. You should try and do a substantial addition, upgrade, or alteration about every five years.

It doesn’t have to be a big change, just the right change. For example, you might add some decorative statues of some kind at the entrance to the property. Or you might add other exterior alterations which add an idiosyncratic, festive, inviting feel to the home.

Check out this gas lantern from Lantern & Scroll, for example, that feature period reproductions of lighting manufactured in the Carolina and Charleston lantern style. Lanterns like these can add a certain elegance to your property which will play a part in expanding its overall value.

Final Thoughts

No matter what type of residence you settle on, you’ll want to consider upgrading it over time. Sometimes something as simple as the addition of a solar energy system for around $5k can bring $20k in value to your home. Little changes like that can sweeten the sale of your home at the last minute, or save you money on utilities for decades.

As you go about determining your long-term residence, or that which you seek to purchase and sell at a profit, consider upgrading, consider the neighborhood, and consider your own and your family’s needs. After all: you’ll be living there.

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