Sharing Memories With The Family: The Fun Ways To Do It

We have all been there where we are snapping away on our phones, capturing the memories, and while the forever remain in our camera roll to look back on, we can often struggle to share the memories with other members of the family or friends. You may have older grandparents that don’t have Facebook profiles, perhaps technophobe parents that just don’t know how to use photo sharing applications, or even friends that just don’t like the world of social media. There are some of them out there would you believe? But yet it is unfair to segregate those people, just because of their lack of technology skills or beliefs in sharing. So I thought I would share with you some of the fun ways you can share the family memories you capture.


Create a scrapbook

A scrapbook is a great way to capture those memories differently. Snapping away on your phone, printing the pictures off, and then piecing them together in a book with souvenirs along the way like beer mats, leaflets and shells. You can choose to be specific like scrapbooking a holiday, or even choosing to be more general like creating a scrapbook of the summer holidays. They remain as great keepsakes and your children will love bringing them out and showing anyone who will look through them.

Send postcards or letters to friends and family

Snail mail is making a comeback. Not only because people have an obsession with beautiful stationery, but because there is something quite magical about receiving a letter or a postcard. These days you can even send photo postcards online to satisfy your need for the quickness of the internet, but enabling someone to receive a lovely surprise in the post. Include snapshots of your day or holiday, and everyone is happy. A letter takes a little more time, but including pictures and sharing stories in your own words can be a priceless memento for someone to keep in the future. Decades ago it used to be the only way to have a conversation.

Print pictures out and frame them as gifts

Before social media profiles and even camera phones with albums to keep your pictures, we use to have our pictures printed. Not even being sure how some of them would turn out. Remember the days of the throwaway camera? But while technology has advanced enabling us to capture pictures and videos as they happen and share the instantly, there is something quite nostalgic of having your favourites printed. Even adding them to a frame and giving them out as a gift to friends and family.

Create videos and burn them onto a DVD

Finally, more people are loving the idea of capturing memories in video format. But unless people are willing to log onto YouTube, some of your older relatives may not even get to see them. So why not take the time to burn them onto a DVD and physically show them. It can be something they can re-watch time and time again.

I hope that this has inspired you to share your memories in other ways tan just your online social media platforms.

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