Making the Most of Summer with all the Family

Summer is in full swing, the kids are off school and it is the perfect time to enjoy some valuable family time out and about together. So what are you going to do? You can do something cool like a trip in an RV. But make sure to take a portable ice maker with you because instant ice is always handy in summer.

As a parent, summer is an interesting time of year. We love having the kids’ home, but six weeks is an awfully long time to keep them busy! After the initial excitement of being off school for the summer wears off, there is still a month that is void in their calendars.

To avoid catching the boredom bug, which can result in a long, long summer for mums and dads, days out is a great way of breaking up long periods of nothingness. Kids can only sit around and play video games for so long, after all.

Trip to the Seaside

Who doesn’t look forward to a trip to the seaside in the summer? This is an annual tradition among many families who make full use of the summer holidays to take the kids up to the beach. Buckets and spades and watching the waves make for a fantastic day out, especially when you add ice cream into the mix!

In the UK, we are lucky to have many glorious beaches to spend the day or weekend, on the account of us being an island, and it would be rude not to take full advantage! Blackpool is a favourite among many families, who affectionately refer to the North West seaside resort as England’s answer to Las Vegas. While that may be overselling the area just a little, Blackpool is still a fantastic place to take the kids.

To the City

A day in the city, surrounded by shops and countless places to eat, makes for an exciting and, equally as, tiring day out. To make the most of a trip to some of the bigger cities in the UK, why not stay for a few days so as you can fit as much in a possible?

There are many hotels in cities like Nottingham, London, Manchester and Edinburgh (to name but a few) that are perfect for families looking to explore the local area. Depending on where you go, some hotels will also offer entertainment of their own, meaning that the hottest ticket in town may just be right outside of your hotel room door.

Of course, though, when you visit some of the biggest and most historic cities in the UK you don’t want to be confined to your hotel. Many attractions offer discount deals during the holiday season that families can make the most out of. Not only will children have a great time, they can also take away an educational aspect.

Going Abroad

It is no secret that travel agents and airlines hike up prices during the holidays. You might believe that it is too late to book anything for this summer, but this is where you would be wrong with many comparison websites and agents offering late discounts.

The only downside is that late deals generally offer little to no flexibility in terms of dates and rooms, hence why they are available at a discount. If you are able to find a package that works for you, however, you will be in line to make a massive saving on a holiday that would have otherwise come at a premium.

Whatever your summer has in store, ensure that there is something in store for everyone and that the children do not waste away their summer bored indoors. Summers are the time for making family memories, so do not squander the opportunity as it will be gone before you know it.

It is understandable that you may begin to worry about your vacant property while away for long periods of time, but the worry can be eliminated very quickly – there are many vacant property security solutions available right at your fingertips! It’s time to kick back, relax, and enjoy your travels.

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