Extending into the loft is a really great way to make the most of the space you have available to you. There is, however, a tendency for loft roofs to feel ‘tacked on’ or unlike a proper room, especially if they’re still used for storage to some extent. There are lots of ways to make loft rooms feel more cohesive, so I thought I’d share a few of them with you now.


Using specific fabrics is a great way to give a room a more homely feel, and can also help you to tie the décor in with the rest of the house. Opting for blinds in an elegant fabric, which you can buy from VELUX Roof Windows shop, as well as rugs and maybe a beautifully-upholstered armchair, will add a stylish look to any room, even if it’s up in the rafters.


If you’ve ever lived in a flat with an upstairs neighbour who has laminate flooring, you’ll be all too aware of how NOISY it can be to live beneath it. The same will be true in a loft room, especially if you’re trying to sleep underneath a room which is used as some sort of office or workshop. Thick carpet will make a room warmer, will absorb sound and will also give a more plush feel to the space – as well as saving the sanity of whomever is below you!

Fitted Cupboards

Often, a room the the loft will have limited ceiling space or sloping areas which can be really hard to furnish. Opting for fitted cupboards within the eaves will give the room a really sleek finish, will address the issues of not being able to fit conventional furniture into unconventional spaces and will also maximise the space that you have available to you for storage, etc.

Multi-functional Furniture

In the past, the options for multi-functional furniture were really limited, but there’s been a real boom in that area recently thanks to the ‘tiny house’ movement. If you want to use a loft room as a bedroom cum study cum workroom or some other functional space, otping for furniture which is both bed and desk could save you space and also allow you to make more of a definite statement about what the room is for while you’re using it – nothing worse than seeing pending work scattered everywhere while you’re trying to sleep, nor the enticing sight of a cosy be while you’re trying to be productive!

Get Arty!

Investing in some wall art can really break up a space and make it feel more like a proper living area, rather than just a room in the loft. You don’t have to spend a fortune, or you could even ask your kids to paint a big canvas for you – colour is a mood lifter and will overhaul the area like nothing else.