I have to admit, I’m not one of those people who manages to save money very well. As soon as I get paid and my bills are taken care of, the remaining money seems to burn a hole in my pocket until it gets spent and this means that there isn’t much to squirrel away at the end of the month. However, this approach to money isn’t very useful when an unexpected expense comes along, which is why it’s really fortunate that quick loans are always an option. I thought I’d tell you about three times when we’ve needed to raise cash quickly so that you can see how easy it is to be stuck with a huge bill that you just weren’t expecting:

The £200 Fart

A few years ago, Chuck started acting unwell and was totally off his food. Even when he’s at his most ill, he’s NEVER off his food so we knew that we had to find out what was wrong. Unfortunately, it was a Saturday which meant taking him to an emergency vet and we didn’t have pet insurance as he has so many pre-existing conditions. A few hours and a couple of hundred quid from Husband’s ‘New Computer’ fund later, we found the cause of his illness – trapped wind and an impacted anal gland. It’s got to have been the most expensive trump that ever happened!!

Car Trouble

Just recently, we came to the conclusion that we needed a new car; the old one was limping along and probably wouldn’t go through another MOT but funds were low. Luckily, we found a little Ford Focus through a private dealer that a family member had used in the past and managed to bag ourselves an absolute low-mileage bargain. However, we still had to borrow £200 to be able to afford it, but this small loan gave us the wiggle room we needed to be able to get our new car before the old one died!

Moving House

The last time we moved was a pretty hairy situation – the house we’d been living in before was being sold without notice and we had to be out ASAP, which didn’t give us much time to save. However, the new landlady wanted an extra month’s deposit to allow us to have a pet in the property, which left us about £600 short of what we needed to move in. I was so fortunate to have an amazing friend who offered to lend us the money, interest free and without a repayment deadline, which allowed us to move to our dream home!

Has there been a time in the past when you’ve been desperate for an injection of cash, pronto? Leave me a comment below!