Exercise for Life: A No-Excuses Miniguide on Being More Active

With obesity now considered a worldwide epidemic, it’s estimated 1.5 billion people exercise less than 20 minutes a day if at all. With this almost complete lack of inactivity affecting so many of us, it’s clear to see that living a healthy lifestyle certainly isn’t taken as seriously as it should be.

In fact, whilst motivation to turn over a new, healthier leaf and get exercising often spikes in January, statistics show a huge 80% who join the gym after the new year period end up quitting within just 5 months. This clearly suggests that the ‘new year, new me’ motivation isn’t enough to maintain a good exercise routine, and most people require something more to encourage them to keep it up.

Considering how easy exercising is, there are literally no excuses not to do it – it’s simply all a matter of choice. So, if you want to start exercising properly and stick to it (for real this time!), here’s a quick mini-guide offering top tips to get you moving.

Establish why you don’t want to exercise

Before even starting to come up with an exercise plan, it’s important to identify the exact reasons behind your inactivity. If you find yourself frequently saying ‘I’m too busy’, ‘I’m too tired’ or ‘I don’t have the money’, it’s time to accept that these are merely excuses and not genuine reasons for why you can’t exercise. If tiredness is a factor then adding a CBD Pre Workout to your plan to give you the energy to exercise could really help.

If you have a medical condition preventing you from working out then that’s an entirely different story, but identifying your primary excuse for not exercising and doing something about it is key. If you’re ‘too busy’, start making exercise more of a priority and if you ‘don’t have the money’, forget about the gym and work out from home instead!

Test exercises out

If you’re tempted to jump straight into the gym, perhaps it’s better to begin with some home exercises first. This way, you can establish your current level of fitness and exactly what you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Then, when you feel comfortable and ready to increase the intensity of your workouts, you can either join your local gym or purchase some user-friendly home equipment like the Sole F80 treadmill.

Work out with others

It’s a proven fact that exercising with other people increases motivation and significantly reduces the chance that you’ll quit. Simply having someone else there will not only encourage you to work harder but also make it more difficult for you to cancel a workout session. After all, you’ll not only be letting yourself down by not exercising but will also be letting them down too by cancelling on them!

Whilst avid gym-goers will say exercise is fun and easy, it’s not that simple for a lot of other people. If you find yourself consistently quitting before you’ve even seen any proper results, you’re certainly not alone. But, if you’re realistic with what you can do and eliminate any common excuses you frequently use, you’ll have a much better chance of sticking to your exercise routine and get the body you’ve always wanted!

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