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Garden Furniture Fun for Summer

This September will be 2 years since we moved to our little place in the countryside and we’re hoping to finally get around to doing some of the bigger things that need to be done. Husband is waiting for the drier weather to paint our bedroom (we have a rather annoying damp problem that makes it impossible to do anything until the weather warms up a fair bit) and I’m hoping to get into the garden and make it a really nice space for us to enjoy this summer. We don’t currently have any garden furniture (a hammock and a trampoline doesn’t count, right?!) and I’ve been looking at Alexander Francis to see what sort of thing we’d like. Here are some of my faves:

Tuscany Black Rattan Corner Sofa and Dining Table

garden furniture

I really like the idea of a multifunctional set like this one. It has comfortable seating and doubles up as a dining area, so we’d have the best of both worlds. There’s plenty of space for us to all enjoy a bit of alfresco dining, plus it would be the ideal place for Husband and I to lounge in the evening anf anjoy a glass of Pimms together. This is also spot-on in terms of current garden trends.

Sicilia Black Rattan Garden Dining Set

garden furniture 2

A slightly more formal dining set could also work well for us as we’d be able to enjoy dinner in the garden and there’s more than enough space for us and dinner guests. It would be a lovely place for the girls to sit and paint of craft in the summer, or even a nice place for Sausage to do homework or sit and read.

Milano Large Rattan Garden Corner Sofa and Chair

garden furniture 3

We’re lucky enough to have a really decent sized garden, so we don’t have to worry about space, which means that a set like this would also work well. It’s huge, which means we’d have plenty of places to sit, and the set would look absolutely stunning on our lawn. I can also imagine it being arranged very nicely around our huge paddling pool when we get it out in the summer!

Napoli Black Rattan Sun Loungers

garden furniture 4

I’m not much of a sun worshipper and certainly don’t actively sunbathe, but I do really like the idea of having somewhere to lay in the garden and read while the girls are playing outside. I’m a bit gun-shy after sitting on one of my MILs sun loungers last year and breaking it, but these look very sturdy and comfortable, so it’ll be less of a worry!!

What type of garden furniture do you prefer?

4 thoughts on “Garden Furniture Fun for Summer

  1. All this stuff, they basically put their furniture outside. They don’t change their design to make it outdoor, it’s just a living room design put outside.

  2. We have just moved house and are enjoying having a bigger garden. I love the Milano set perfect for formal and informal dining. With the sun out today it feels like summer is well in its way!

  3. My garden is my tranquil space and I adore spending time out there. I invested in a good quality rattan corner sofa last year and I loved spending warm evenings laying on the sofa watching TV on the I pad. Xx

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