Getting Your Act Together: Easy to Use Apps to Help You Organize Your Life

Most of us resolve to be more organized each year, but it often doesn’t happen because organising itself can be so time consuming. Staying on top of your to-dos, files and habits is a tall task. Prioritising and scheduling tasks or projects (over the short and long term) requires good daily management. Here are some simple apps to make organisation far easier.

Self-Organization Apps

Apps can help you organise your files, to-do’s and budget. Dropbox lets you keep all your files – be they photos, videos, or documents of (almost) any format and size – on the one cloud service. These are then backed up and synced to the app and can be shared across any device (provided you send the right link or log-in). 24me acts as a personal assistant which automatically organises your tasks by synchronising your calendar, to-do lists and notes, prompting you to tap your daily errands to complete them and receive reminders for upcoming tasks or events. For a more gamified and social experience there’s also Habitica. Google Calander helps organise events and Evernote lets you record and store your notes in a variety of ways. Lastpass makes sure you never forget your passwords by securing them all in central location you can access with TouchID or one “master” password. Mint lets you manage your budget by logging your expenses and tracking your savings. Automatic Call Recorder lets you manually or automatically record calls so you can review them later, with several other features you can learn more about here.

Streamlining Apps

Remember the Milk also lets you set up to-do lists and sends you reminders for due dates but It incorporates your other services including Gmail, Twitter and Google Calendar. If (If This Then That) is a kind of super app that connects up to 300 apps together (such as Spotify, Instagram or Google Drive) to let you sync files across platforms and receive relevant notifications about topics from whichever platform they’re being noticed. Likewise, Pocket lets you save links, articles and videos from across your social media to a single location to be accessed across your devices and even includes reading aloud using text-to-speech. SmartNews is a similar service but specifically designed for news articles. AroundMe lets you locate your nearest amenities, restraints and movie theatres.

Thinking Outside The Box

Sometimes the thing you need is to destress or jog your mind with a bit of creative recreation. Simplemind lets you brainstorm easily by dragging, dropping and editing text and visuals together. Unstuck acts as a digital to help you overcome creative blocks with various tips and tools. Any creative activity you can think of, be it drawing, image editing or making music – there’s an app for it!

Now you can organize your stuff, plan ahead, streamline your apps and get your creative juices onto any problem. Looked for an app to fill some niche but couldn’t find it? Checkout Kickstarter: it may already be in development!

Paige Carter knows how to manage her time; she’s a Mom to 3 girls and works multiple freelancing gigs as well as helping with her friends business. Read how she manages it all in her articles!

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