Climate Control: Protecting Your Stuff No Matter Where You Store It

Many people use a shed or other small outbuilding to store their extra belongings or supplies on their own property. This is a great way to save money and have a convenient way to get to the items you need whenever you want.

But if you store items that are sensitive to temperature change and moisture, you need to make sure that the shed is climate controlled. Furniture like wooden tables and couches, or decorations like painting, can very very susceptible to changes in the climate, so you need to take precaution. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your shed is secure and your stored valuables are protected from heat, cold and moisture.


If you want to have any hope of controlling the climate in your shed without breaking the bank, you must insulate the walls, doorways, and windows of your shed.

Typically, sheds only have one outside wall that is built around the frame of the shed. If you want to protect your valuables, you’ll need to add insulation and then an inner wall so that the inside is separated from the outside, just like your house is. This will allow you to control the temperature inside, no matter what the weather is like.

Also, make sure to use weather stripping around the windows, doors or any other type of openings. A lot of heat can escape through small cracks.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Next, you’ll need to install a heating unit and an air conditioning unit. The good news is that neither one needs to be that large or that expensive.

If there is a window already build into the shed, you can buy a small window-unit to cool the air in the summer. If not, you plan on creating a space for it to go when you are adding the inner wall. As for heating, having just a small heat lamp, like one you can find on this website, is plenty for a small shed.

Once they are installed, the smart thing to do is to hook both of the units up to a cheap thermostat. This will save you money and energy, as the heater and air conditioning will only turn on when the temperature rises or drops below the temperature you set it at.

Moisture Control

To control the amount of moisture in the shed, a small dehumidifier will work perfectly.

The best part about using a shed as a storage space is that they are usually pretty small, so purchasing an average dehumidifier should be enough to keep the moisture at a good percentage; the insulation will help keep moisture out as well. You will have to change the pan in the unit every so often, especially during the wet summer months, but it’s very easy to do so.

Rather than paying someone else to store your stuff every month, why not try using your own shed as storage space?

Ethan Cameron is a man who can turn his hand to most DIY projects; the bigger the better within reason! Most recently he has finished creating a dedicated craft studio for his wife, and a garden room for his Mother-In-Law.

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