Need to Save Money? Time to Negotiate!

Most of us are feeling the pinch at the moment – January is a painfully long month after the huge expense of Christmas and with living expenses seemingly on the rise every day it’s a wonder any of us can still afford to function! There are things that you could be saving money on without even knowing it, just by giving your service provider a call (check for alternative numbers to cut down waiting times). Here’s a few of them to start you off:

Energy Companies

Many of us are using an energy tarrif which is by NO means the cheapest one for us, so calling your energy providers and asking them to reasses your usage is a really good idea. Also, if you pay by Direct Debit and are in credit, it’s worth asking them to reduce the amount they tale each month.

Mobile Providers

My current mobile package gives me unlimited texts and minutes, plus 20GB of data and I know for a fact that, even as a heavy mobile user, I rarely ever reach anywhere near my limits. This month, I’ll be looking at my actual usage and contacting my service provider to see if they have a deal which better suits my needs.

TV Providers

In our house, we have every channel known to man through our TV service, but spend most of our time either watching Netflix or moaning that there’s nothing on telly, which would suggest that we’re paying for packages which are of no use to us! Our contract isn’t up until the summer, but when it is I’ll definitely be calling them to renegotiate our deal. Don’t be afraid to play hardball or threaten to leave if you don’t offer you anything better! And, if needs be, DO actually leave, even if you have your partner start a contract as a new customer as they always get the best deals!

Car Insurance

I’m not going to lie, I’m dreading my car insurance renewal this year, after my incident with the cyclist last summer, but I know for a fact that I won’t be accepting my current insurer’s first quote. I’ll do a lot of shopping around for a good deal and then seeing if my current provider will match it. If not, I’ll be switching straight away!

Loans and Credit Cards

If you have any outstanding loans or credit cards it’s always worth looking for new deals with 0% rates for balance transfers or first-year deals. This will allow you to save money on the interest you may be paying on any money borrowed and if you have a lot of credit, this could represent a really big saving. It’s also worth getting independent financial advice to see if your mortgage deal is the best one for you.

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