Replacing Old Faithful (Or: “When a Laptop Goes to Tech Heaven”)

A few years go, Husband decided that I needed a new laptop if I was going to be making a serious go of this blogging and copywriting stuff, so when my birthday came around he took me to a shop and let me choose a shiny, brand-new one in order to make my life easier. My previous model was grinding to a halt with even the most simple of tasks and it just wasn’t conducive to any sort of productivity.

Since then, maybe 4 and a half years ago now, the laptop and I have gone through blogging, social media work, blogging conferences, copywriting commissions, the birth of a baby, several house moves and everything else that life has thrown our way. It’s not as speedy as it once was, but bashing away on its keys is like slipping into a pair of well-worn leather gloves; my fingers justĀ fitĀ and everything is exactly where it should be.

A couple of days ago, my laptop got knocked onto the floor, breaking the charger and the inside of the port it goes into and, if we’re being realistic, it’s probably more economically viable to replace the whole laptop than try to buy new chargers and replace the internal port. I’m sad to see Old Faithful go to laptop heaven, but excited to be scoping out the best budget laptops in the UK.

At the moment, I’m using Sausage’s Chromebook, which actually works really well (probably because she basically NEVER uses it!) and I really like the fact that it’s essentially an Android device like my phone, which means I can use the same apps for my emails and things like photos and notes sync across the two devices really well. I’ll probably keep using this one for a while, until I’ve saved for a replacement, but a newer Chromebook is definitely high on my list of replacements.

Do you have a laptop which feels like a trusty old friend? Have you recently invested in something new and have a great suggestion of what I should be buying? Or are you in the same predicament as me with no idea what to buy? Do leave me a comment below if you have any pearls of wisdom which might help me out!


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