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Insightful Information About A Delicious Recipe For Power Pressure Cooker

Introduction To A Power Pressure Cooker Delicious Recipe

The power pressure cooker in steadily becoming one of the most preferred cookers in many homes. The main reason why more people are preferring this cooker is that it is fast where it cooks within a shorter time than most other cooking options. It is also convenient to use and makes delicious foods. There are many types of foods that can be made using this type of cooker. All what one needs is to know a delicious recipe for power pressure cooker. One of such recipes is beef and broccoli which can optionally be combined with rice.

Boneless beef sliced into small strips
Salt and peeper
Two teaspoons olive oil
Finely chopped medium onion
Three quarter cup bee broth
A third cup of brown sugar
Two table spoons of sesame oil
Three table spoons of cornstarch


The first step should be to season the beef with salt and pepper. One should then put the olive oil into the cooking pot and then select sauté or browning. When the oil begins to sizzle, one should then add the meat in batches without crowding until all the meat that is there is browned. After this the meat should then be transferred into a plate.

After the meat has been browned and put in a plate one should then add the chopped onion into a pot and then wait for one or two minutes which is the time that the onion takes to soften. After this one should then add garlic and wait for a minute. After the minute is over one should then add the beef broth, the brown sugar, the sesame oil and the soy sauce into the pot. After adding all these things one should stir the pot until the sugar is completely dissolved. The beef that was browned and put in a plate should then be added into the pot and then set the cooking time at twelve minutes. One should select high pressure to ensure the food is cooked within the twelve minutes. When the twelve minutes are over the power pressure cooker will produce a clicking sound which means that the meat has been properly cooked. After the meat has been ready one should combine the cornstarch with water in a separate bowl and stir until it is smooth. This should be added to the power pressure cooker pot containing the beef and then stirred well to ensure the entire content is properly combined.
The next step should be to put the broccoli in a microwave safe bowel together with a quarter cup of water. The broccoli should be micro waved for about three to four minutes until it becomes tender. The broccoli being vegetable does not require a lot of cooking since overcooking can destroy the nutrients. By just microwaving it for the three or four minutes the broccoli becomes ready to be eaten together with the beef. If one does not have a microwave, one can easily place the broccoli inside the power pressure cooker immediately it has finished cooking the beef. This should be done with the lid on since the steam coming from the cooked meat is the one that makes the broccoli tender.


While serving the cooked beef should be on the bottom of the plate and then the broccoli on top. To make the food even more delicious one can add separately cooked rice provided it has been cooked properly.

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