When I was little, things were very different to how they are now that I have children. The Internet was unheard of until I reached senior school and phones were something that sat on a dedicated table in the hallway and could only be used after 6pm. Bullying was obviously a thing, but it seems now that the Internet and mobile communication has made the scope for bullying SO much wider. Before, bullies would wait for you in corridors at school, whereas now they can reach you even in the privacy of your own bedroom through the ‘net.

BT has linked up with Unicef to create The Right Click, a series of workshops for parents and kids around internet safety, which not only looks at cyber-bullying, but also at helping kids to find safe, appropriate content and use the internet in a way that is both empowering and secure. Watch this video for more:

Pete Oliver, commercial and marketing director, BT Consumer, said: “The internet is a powerful tool, especially for children. The time children are spending online is continuing to grow, particularly with children aged 8-111. This can be daunting for parents that aren’t necessarily digital savvy and most parents (94 per cent) have worries about their children online. However, with the right knowledge, communication and parental controls in place, we can all ensure that the internet can be a safe place.”

Catherine Cottrell, Unicef UK Deputy Executive Director, said: “We’re working with schools across the country to create safe and inspiring places to learn, where children are respected and their rights are protected. The Right Click: Internet Safety Matters workshops empower children to become confident and responsible digital citizens, enabling them to enjoy the enormous benefits that the internet has to offer, with the help of parents and teachers.”

I think workshops like this are SO vital – Husband and I are both pretty tech-savvy but I know SO many adults who have more or less resigned themselves to the fact that their kids are more adept at using technology than they are which creates almost a power vacuum around the subject of internet usage. The kids know more about it all but are almost expected to self moderate because the adults don’t know WHAT the kids need to be protected against! Keeping knowledge fresh is the only way to increase safety, which is why I commend BT and Unicef for creating this programme.

Head to the BT Internet Safety Matters page to test your family on how much they know about the internet.