Think Lunch Is A Bore? Think Again, With These Fabulously Tasty Ideas

Do you find that you struggle when it comes to thinking up healthy yet interesting lunches for you and your family? Don’t fear – most of us do. Lunch is a difficult meal to put together, much more so than breakfast or dinner. It’s not as simple as just grabbing a bowl of cereal or making toast like you do with breakfast. But you also don’t tend to have the time that you have when cooking your evening meal to come up with something both tasty and inventive. This is why a lot of us resort to the huge array of meal deals that supermarkets offer, or why a lot of our children eat school dinners rather than taking packed lunches. But if you’re ready to spice up your family’s current lunch routine, take a look at the following ideas for some inspiration.

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Lunch boxes

The lunchbox is a staple of many people’s daily lives. Whether we’re making them up for our kids or taking them to work ourselves, they are a good way to ensure that we have full control over what’s going into our bodies. These days, there a variety of different styles of lunchboxes that enable us to be much more creative with what we put in them. For example, you may choose a lunch box that is simple a one-section tupperware box. Or, you may go for a ‘bento box’ style; something which has lots of different compartments. If your children are fussy and don’t like it when different foods touch each other, this is a perfect option. Make sure the compartments are varied. For example, you may have pitta bread in one, hummus in the other, carrot sticks in one and a sweet treat in the last one. This isn’t just a children’s lunch box either – it’s perfect for you to take out of the house too.

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At home lunches

If you are able to make and eat your lunch at home, you are able to exercise a little more freedom over what you can have. For starters, you can have hot food at home. But still, you don’t want to be spending more than a few minutes making your lunch, especially if you are in the middle of a working day. It can be tempting to snack on unhealthy food options if they are at your fingertips. But, there are now so many great health products on the market that there’s no excuse not to get involved. Soup, for example, is great for aiding a well-balanced diet – you can get healthy soup flavours by GLORIOUS! both online and in store.

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Lunch on-the-go

If healthy eating is your priority, you may be conscious about where you buy an on-the-go lunch from. You only have to look at the hundreds of ingredients on the back of supermarket sandwich packs to know that they’re probably not all that good for you! If you do need to get a meal deal whilst you’re out and about, go for ones that don’t come with sauce if you can help it, and choose from any ‘lighter’ ranges. Alternatively, look out for independent delis and sandwich makers who will be able to serve you a freshly made lunch with minimal additives.

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