Medicinal Must-Haves This Festive Season

This is the time of year when a lot of us are busy shopping for presents, planning get-togethers andholiday travel. While you’re out and about, why not also think about stocking up on medicine cabinet essentials to make sure you and the family are covered for the winter?

There are a lot of bugs circulating at this time of year. People often turn up at hospitals with minor illnesses and injuries that could often be better treated more quickly elsewhere, or at home.

Your local pharmacist can offer you free health advice at any time, and no appointment is necessary. From coughs and colds to aches and pains, they can give you expert help on everyday illnesses and answer questions about prescribed and over the counter medicines.

So, before the holiday schedule gets too hectic, check your medicine cabinet and make sure you have the following basics:


Your usual painkillers

A good stock of paracetamol and Ibuprofen will cover most aches and pains over the Festive Season – especially if you have partaken in one too many mulled wines. Remember to try and drink responsibly – Santa grabbing a sherry in each household isn’t that great a role model is he?

Cold and flu remedies

Although the best advice is rest and plenty of hot drinks, some medicines can take the edge of of your symptoms and help you sleep, essential to your recovery. Remember coughing is part of having a cold, but this symptom should disappear in about 10 days after you first begin experiencing cold symptoms. If your cough is still hanging around after 10 days, it’s time to see a doctor.


Image An essential at any time of the year. Having a thermometer on tap is a great way of ensuring your little ones red cheeks are simply from excitement over Santa rather than something niggling in the background. If you aren’t sure how to take one accurately or what the numbers actually mean learn more here – Everything You Need To Know – Taking A Child’s Temperature.

Anti-diarrhoea medicine

Frequent trips to the toilet after a mouldy mince pie can ruin your day so stock up on this festive favourite. Consult your doctor if diarrhea persists in a child for more than 24 hours, or after three days for an adult.

Oral rehydration salts

If you have overindulged and the”Never Again” is your new Mantra, these soluble beauties will make you feel much better very quickly. Having some child friendly salts is a fantastic way to ensure your little one gets over the effects of diarrhea quickly.

Indigestion remedies

A common ailment in the season that almost encourages gluttony, indigestion can be uncomfortable and annoying. However if you have been chomping down antacids and nothing is changing, see a doctor. There may be underlying reasons that require alternate treatments, seeEverything You Need To Know: Helicobacter Pylori.


Carving the turkey, even paper cuts from the wrapping paper – all can result in little cuts and nicks. Avoid infection and make sure the only claret is on the table and not ruining the prawn cocktail! There are plenty of fun designs and evenfestive ones too should you feel the need to dress up your cut to match your jumper. Image


From tubular to triangular, the average first aid kit will have a couple of different types that you will hopefully never get around to using. Accidents happen though, so it’s best to be prepared. For larger cuts or even bumps and strains, bandages are a very useful item. If you are unsure which type does what see: Everything You Need To Know – Bandages

Valuing your health and well-being

If you are already taking other medications, check first with your pharmacist to make sure the medicines are right for you.

Check any medicines already in your medicines cabinet are still okay to use. If any medicines are past their use-by date, don’t take them and return them to your local pharmacy for safe disposal.

If you need repeat prescriptions for your regular medicines, ensure that you order these in plenty of time. Check opening times for your GP surgery and remember to collect your prescription before the holiday period.

By being prepared for winter and stocking up on medicine cabinet essentials, many people could treat minor illnesses at home, avoiding unnecessary trips to the doctor.

So while shopping for the perfect gift for the Auntie with everything, remember to prepare for the festive season with more than just ribbons and bows! 

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