ChristmasI think we can all agree that with the exception of perhaps foreign holidays and those unexpected expenses that can pop up throughout the year, Christmas is probably the most expensive time of year for most of us. From buying presents and food, new trees and decorations, not to mention all of the various school discos and Christmas sales which end up costing a fortune, the need for cash seems never ending! Unless you’re a sensible soul who’s saved all year and has your Christmas fund full to the brim, there’s a good chance that an extra few quid would come in really handy, so I thought I’d take a look at a few ways that you could raise a bit more moolah for your celebrations.

1. Sell Your Old Stuff

Selling things on Facebook selling groups can be really lucrative at this time of year because everyone is looking for a bargain. Have a really good clearout and be ruthless about all of the things you really don’t need or use anymore and you could make yourself a packet. If you’re a totally newbie at selling on Facebook, here’s a guide I wrote last here which might really help.

2. Lotto Betting

Lotto betting is a great concept which allows you to enter foreign lotteries, like the massive Powerball draw that happens in The States. By entering through LottoLand, you effectively bet on the outcome of the lottery rather than buying an actual ticket which gives you the flexibility to enter any draw you like, and the stakes are pretty high – even the second tier prize for betting on the Powerball could net you around £34,000! Obviously it’s not a sure-thing, but it’s still good fun if you go into it without expecting fortunes!

3. Seasonal Work

Loads of companies hire extra staff at this time of year to help with the demand of Christmas shoppers, and lots of the jobs will be evening or night work like replenishing shelves, which would fit around your kids and help you earn a bit extra for Christmas. Seasonal jobs also sometimes lead on to other job opportunities, so if you’re looking for something ongoing, getting your foot in the door now could be a real help.

4. Online Surveys

I know a lot of people who do online surveys and save all of their earnings as vouchers for sites like Amazon, which then allows them to do most of their Christmas shopping using just their earnings from doing so. Many of us are online for a large portion of the day and some sites even have mobile apps, so whenever you have down-time, you could be earning.

5. Delivery Driving

With more and more people shopping online, there are lots of courier companies out there who are always looking for more drivers to cover areas, as well as restaurants who deliver takeaway food. If you’re a driver and own your own car, you could easily pick up delivery work which is usually completely flexible and allows you to pretty much be your own boss.

6. Sell Your Gold

It’s SO common for people to have jewellery laying around that they literally never wear, and if there’s no sentimental value attached to it, it’s probably worth more to you if you cash your gold to somewhere like Post My Gold. With Post My Gold, sellers needn’t worry that their old rings will be melted to scrap, as if they’re suitable for resale, they’ll receive even more money!

Have you got any smart ideas for how to earn money before Christmas? If so, I’d love to hear from you.