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Keeping Costs Down Ahead of Christmas

save moneyNow that we’re almost in November, whether we like it or not, most of us are thinking about ways to save money so that we can maximise our spending power for the festive season. There are SO many ways that most of us can save money without even realising it, so I thought I’d take a look at ways to save that you may not have even thought of.

Reduce Your Phone Bill

Most of us have mobile packages with “free” minutes available but it can be easy to go over the allowance and tot up call costs. Using a site like Contact Number UK to look up numbers can drastically reduce your costs as they list the cheapest numbers for calling many companies on.

Cut Your Channels

If you have Sky, Virgin Media or some other TV service and you’re past your first year of service, it’s a really good idea to look at your package and work out exactly what you use and what you don’t. Often, things like music channels, movies and sports are charged at a premium and if you don’t ever watch them you could save yourself hundreds of pounds each year by stripping them back.

Do It Yourself

I know it’s tempting to outsource jobs like window cleaning, car valeting, oven cleaning and all of the other yucky things that none of us really like doing, but you could save yourself SO much money by doing them yourself. If you have your windows cleaned once a month and you’re paying £10 a time, that’s a saving of £120 a year…if you have your car valeted every six weeks at £20 a time, that’s a saving of over £160. The savings all add up!

Quit The Gym! 

Okay, if you’re a gym-bunny and go to the gym on a regular basis then we aren’t suggesting that you give it up, but if you have a subscription to a gym that you rarely use, it might be worth looking at cancelling it. Many gyms also offer cheaper “off-peak” subscriptions, so it might be worth looking at the times you usually go to the gym and seeing if an off-peak membership would work for you. Also, running is absolutely free and a great way to exercise.

Sell Your Stuff and Buy Second Hand

Facebook groups and eBay are both brilliant ways to recoup money on your unwanted stuff by selling it all, and they’re also great places to pick up absolute bargains! So often, kids clothes, furniture and other items will be almost brand new and a FRACTION of their normal price, and literally look as good as new after a bit of a scrub. Local buying and selling also reduces your need for shipping fees, saving you even more.


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