Upgrading Your Family Car for Less

family carAlthough we love our current car, the fact of the matter is it’s getting a little bit old now. It’s still running really well for now but we’d like to upgrade to something which gives us a bit more peace of mind in terms of reliability. However, we’re not in the market for a brand new vehicle at the moment, so I’ve been looking for ways that we can invest in a newer vehicle without breaking the bank. Here’s some of the things I’ve come up with:

Check What You’re Entitled To

Are any of your family members eligible for a motability car from Robins & Day? If so, you could possibly get a brand new car through a lease scheme for less than usual, especially if you look around for some good deals. Motability cars often roll tax, insurance and services into the cost so you’ll be saving money in the long run and there are often models available which don’t require a down-payment.

Go for an Unpopular Make

This one might sound bonkers but there are still brands of cars which people largely turn their noses up at and are therefore lower priced. Skoda, for instance, still have a weird stigma attached and yet they’re made by the same people as Volkswagen, which means you can pick up a decent quality car for less money.

Think About Size

Do you currently drive an MPV or estate car? If so, do you REALLY need the extra space and often lower fuel economy? Down SIZING your car often means that you can afford a slightly newer or better model.

Buy An Older Car

Okay, this might sound bonkers but bear with us here. The reason we have our current car is that the model is very safe and very reliable. Going for an older model meant that we were able to buy a car for the same budget as a slightly newer one but a higher spec and in good condition. Newer cars aren’t always better and by choosing a manufacturer with a reputation for quality, you can still get something decent.

Choose an Unpopular Colour

This one is absolutely INSANE to me, but it’s a fact that there are people out there who are STILL superstitious about cars of certain colours and that green vehicles still command lower resale prices than the exact same model of car in another colour. Break the mould, buy a green car and reap the rewards of shunning silly superstitions!

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