Everything You Need to Know About Being a Working Mum

 The debate has raged on for decades now about women’s right to work and about women enjoying the same opportunities as men in the workplace. Many women still see working moms as a liberation symbol after years of emancipation, representing the right to pursue their own destiny and make an influential impact in the world through a career that satisfies them and gives them a sense of purpose and independence. But there are still some who have attached a stigma to working mothers because they feel that women in general should stay at home and take care of the children, letting the husband provide to bring home the bacon so to speak. Yet, there are many factors to consider in a mother’s decision to start a job, such as the current global economic crisis and other financial difficulties like mortgages, rent increases, and the rising costs of living overall.

Handling the crisis

Certainly, if you only have one child, it makes it a lot easier to be a working mom, while larger families may require you to stay at home more at least until your kids enter their late teens and start making decisions for themselves. But the reality is that we are currently facing a very grim economic crisis in combination with the “Brexit” situation, both of which have strong potential to impact every level of today’s society. As a result, husbands are frequently changing jobs or even considering changing careers to try and make ends meet. This is where working moms come in, because if something happens at least the family will have something to fall back onto. This divisiveness between stay-at-home moms and working moms continues however, with people pointing fingers out of political correctness –so they feel— while ignoring the fact that working mothers not only contribute to the economy, but also help the family avoid cumbersome financial worries. It is far more important to worry about making sure that your kids have food on the table, than fearing that your kids will think you are not a loving mother.

What about the children?

Explaining the situation to your children is thebest way to relieve any tension within the household; and despite rumours to the contrary, young children will listen to you because they can absorb a lot of information at a young age. Not only that; they will actually respect you for speaking to them clearly about such family matters, as it will make them feel more involved and especially more responsible. It is in short an educational experience for them that should not be underestimated and that will contribute to their upbringing. This does not mean that a mother will have to sacrifice her entire time at a job to be away from the home five days a week, because thankfully there are plenty of part-time jobs available on the market, as well as a lot of work-at-home options for mothers. If neither part-time nor freelance work suit you personally, look for jobs in close proximity to your home and try finding something as close as possible. You will be surprised by how much the valuation of time changes once you’re working and parenting simultaneously. Luckily, there are many resources today like Jobrapido, that can help you find job opportunities all over the UK – and not only in major cities but also in smaller towns like Oldham for example.

It’s all about the organization

Working moms can always find the time to juggle between family and their career. If you can, bring some work home with you so that you can catch up on your daily tasks while your kids are busy doing their homework or are playing with friends. Organization is the key to spreading the time evenly between your job and your children’s needs. Every moment that the occasion presents itself you can arrange your calendar or daily schedule accordingly, and by keeping an accurate calendar or daily schedule you will never be forced to miss a PTA meeting. It is also important that you gain your husband’s full support in this decision, and that you’ve discussed everything clearly and without any misunderstanding

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