Educational Gift Ideas For Kids

Buying kids gifts can be so much fun, whether you’re buying for their birthdays or Christmas. However, it’s even better to buy kids gifts that are educational. This doesn’t mean you need to buy them a big fat textbook for school or anything – that might suck the fun out of gift giving a little. It just means you should try to find gifts that will help kids to develop and use their skills. Here are some gifts that can help them to do just that!


Books are always a brilliant educational gift idea for kids. If you start reading to kids from a young age, they’ll learn to love reading. Reading is beneficial at all stages of life. While they’re young, kids will improve listening and speaking skills. They’ll be better spellers, and have a more inventive imagination. As they grow older, they can use books to escape, or learn more about subjects they are interested in. They might even become keen writers themselves, like most avid readers do! You don’t need to make it clear that the book is educational. Just about any type of book can be educational!




Tablets and e-readers aren’t just for playing pointless games. You can easily download books for kids here. Not only that, there are educational apps and games that you can download onto them. A tablet or an e-reader is usually a better gift for older children, as they appreciate how important it is to look after things like this.

Word/Math Games

There are so many word and math games out there. Scrabble for one, is lots of fun and will help kids to improve their vocabulary and spelling. It even incorporates some maths when you take adding up scores into account. Games like Monopoly and Cluedo are a lot of fun and educational too. They’ll be using their math skills in Monopoly, as well as their deduction skills in Cluedo to work out ‘who dunnit’. There are plenty of games that are fun and good for your child’s development!



A Telescope

A telescope can help your kids to see the stars close up, and learn all about them as they do so. If that’s not their thing, a microscope could help them to see bugs and other fun things close up! You can find more information on gadgets such as this on Hawkin’s bazaar and sites of a similar nature.

Science/Craft Kits

Science and craft kits are great for kids who love to learn already, or make things. You can get science kits that allow kids to do fun things like grow their own crystals. Then there are craft kits that let them make mosaics, jewelry, and lots of other things.

Just about any gift you look at can be educational for kids. Any gift that allows them to use their creativity, motor skills, math skills, language skills…you get the picture! If you have any educational gift suggestions for kids, leave a comment below!

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