Cars And Kids: Why That Mix Doesn’t Always Work

Most parents will use a car to transport themselves and their offspring on a regular basis. After all; it’s the most practical and accessible form of transportation. In theory, you would think that it’s easy to put your kids in the car and head off to your destination.

In reality, having a stress-free journey is a bit like playing a game. If you do something wrong, the consequences can be traumatic for parents! Sometimes, trouble begins even before you get to sit down in the driver’s seat!

Baby in a back seat located child safety seat

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If you’re a new parent, it’s likely no-one will have told you about what it’s really like to travel with kids in a car. Let me give you some typical examples and suggestions on how to avoid them:

Your children hate your car

Let’s face it; there are plenty of different types of cars out there. From small city cars to 4×4 behemoths, there’s something out there to suit all tastes and needs. The thing is, if you’re driving around in a car your child hates, it can cause all kinds of problems for you.

Usually, these are cars where some children feel too distant from their parents. Or models that are so small they feel they’re in a crowded space.

Most parents find a used MPV is the solution to their problems. Small hatchbacks don’t offer enough practical space. And large SUVs are just too big and make some kids feel anxious about being alone in the back.

Your kids get bored easily

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that a long journey can usually be a nightmare. A trip that takes several hours to complete is boring for youngsters. Even if they have an array of toys, games, and gadgets at their disposal.

When faced with such journeys, there is only one real answer. You’ll have to make several stops so that your kids get to run around and have some fresh air.

Of course, the downside for you is your journey will take at least twice as long! But, if you’ve got no choice, it’s a suitable compromise. Unless you like hearing “I’m bored” or “are we there yet” about 500 times per hour from your kids!

You have the wrong car seats

We all know that young children must sit on car seats. Aside from it being the law, it also keeps your little ones safe if you ever have a collision with another vehicle. As you know, there are hundreds of different car seat models on the market.

Aside from the legal and safety aspects, comfort should also be a priority when choosing a seat. Your kids don’t want to sit on something that’s uncomfortable for a long period. I recommend doing plenty of online research. Don’t forget to have your kids try the seats out in-store before you buy. After all; they’ll be the ones sitting on them, not you!

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