Although I’ve made a good living from freelance work in the past few years, it’s always in the back of my head that I might need to go back to work one day. In the past, pre-kids, I always worked in finance, usually doing payroll and credit control and I worked fairly locally, but eight years on there’s fewer and fewer jobs available in that area in our local area. This means that working in London is a real possibility for me and that I’ll need to find childcare for Burrito Baby.

Obviously putting her in a nursery close to home is an option, but I also know people who work in London who actually take their kids with them and put them into nurseries near their place of work so that they can be on hand quickly in an emergency, which I actually think is a really good idea.

LEYF Nurseries have recently put together a video showing how they work with families and within the community to make the childcare experience as positive and fulfilling as possible for each and every child:

London living literally could not be more different than our current lifestyle, out here in the country, but I do love the idea of the diversity of a city, as well as the access to so many different resources. Museums, parks and historical buildings are few and far between where we are, but in the city there seems to be something to see and learn about on every single corner.

I loved this quote that I came across on the LEYF site:

“What do I look for as soon as I step into an early years setting? Fun and a real sense of excited purpose by the staff and children. That’s exactly the package you get in every LEYF nursery. I have never seen an organisation that so positively promotes the wellbeing of staff, children and their parents in such a meaningful and vibrant way.” – Sue Chambers, Early Years Expert

Choosing a nursery in London can be a hugely daunting prospect because of the enormous amount of choice available but by choosing an LEYF nursery you can be guaranteed to find a high quality daycare centre for your child where their health, happiness, wellbeing and education will be the highest priority. Do take a look at the video above and then head over to the LEYF Nurseries website for more information.