Saving Money at the End of the Holidays

cheap holiday activitesI don’t know about you but we’ve got to that point in the holidays where activities which are free or cheap are extremely appealing! Sausage is pretty much the least demanding kid on the planet but we’ve done our best to make sure she’s done at least a couple of activities each week in the holidays and it’s all adding up. I’ve been thinking about ways to save some money in the last few weeks of summer and thought I’d share ideas with you here:

Check Your Points

If you use loyalty cards for supermarkets and other shops, you’ll often find that these points can be used to “buy” vouchers which gain you free entry tickets to various attractions. If you haven’t recently checked your points balance, now would be a good time as you could be sitting on a goldmine!

Save Money on Other Purchases

If you can’t directly save money on the days out, you can save money in other areas. Sites like Every Day is Black Friday basically scour the net for the item you’re planning to buy and comes back with the cheapest price possible, telling you if it’s been reduced anywhere in the recent past. It’s a great way to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible on whatever you want to buy.

Do Something Free

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but there are SO many free activities that you can do which the kids will probably love just as much as they love the expensive trips. Picnics, foraging for blackberries, beach combing, nature photography walks, discovering new playgrounds, Pokemon hunting are all free to do and will give you hours of fun in the outdoors.

Take Your Own Food

If you are visiting somewhere which will cost you a bit to get into, DO take a picnic with you, even if it means borrowing a cool box from a generous friend or relative. Food once you get inside an attraction is usually RIDICULOUSLY expensive, almost always of very little nutritional value and we’ve felt like many a day trip has been marred by being forced to spend £7.50 on what amounts to a large cup of sugar syrup and a floppy hotdog which probably cost 20p to make.

Check for Cheaper Fuel

If you’re driving somewhere for a day out and need to stick fuel in your car beforehand, check a website called petrolprices.com – it will allow you to enter your postcode and will tell you where the cheapest fuel is in your vicinity. There’s even an app for your phone which will help you to keep fuel costs down on the go.

Do you have any good tips? I’d love to hear them, leave me a comment below.

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