Are You Already Struggling With The Summer Holidays? Here’s A Helping Hand

The summer holidays are one of those times of the years that parents look forward in a bittersweet kind of way. On the one hand, if you are off with your children you get the chance to spend some quality time with them. On the other, some parents still head to work and have that juggle of childcare to contend with. But many parents will say that no matter what the situation is, if their children are at home, the chances are they are going to get bored, very quickly. No matter how many toys they have, gadgets to use, they can still feel like there is nothing to do. So if you find yourself struggling with a few more weeks to go, here’s a helping hand with a bit of inspiration.



Movie days

The joy of a movie day. Where you get all the lovely snacks together. Plenty of pillows and blankets. Get comfortable and enjoy a good movie session. Most children love the chance to sit back and relax in the holidays. Which is why this could be your saving grace, offering you at least a few hours of peace and quiet. You don’t need much, just make sure you have everything you need to be connected. Whether that’s watching through a DVD player or using your digital tv to download. Don’t forget you need an aerial, so consider aerial installation by JNB and a good internet connection. It’s not just movies, but children’s TV boxsets can also be a great way to pass some time. Some of the kids’ TV channels may be showing marathons of certain shows, or you may have a subscription to a streaming service that has a great selection of shows for your young ones (which these Infinity Dish statistics seem to suggest is probably now more likely than ever, given the growth of streaming services).

Indoor crafting sessions

While you don’t want to rely heavily too much on the TV,when you get the chance, why not encourage some indoor crafting. This could be anything from a good old fashioned painting session to something a little complex. There are plenty of tutorials, inspiration, and guides on websites like YouTube. Children love doing things like this, and you will find they spend a good deal of time concentrating on something.

Get outside in the garden

If the weather is good, why not take advantage of that and get your kids outside. There are plenty of things they can do in the garden. They might be into exploring nature, so encourage this by letting them create bug homes and hotels. Maybe they want to learn about gardening, so allow them a place in the garden that they can grow things in. Even just encouraging them to be more active like playing sports, enjoying a paddling pool, and having a water fight can be a lot of fun.



Teach a new hobby

Being on the summer holidays is the perfect time for children to learn a new skill. This could be something that you pass down to them. Perhaps you have a real skill for knitting or crocheting. Maybe you enjoy baking and want to teach your children the art of baking bread or cakes. Maybe you enjoy scrapbooking and think your children will like it to. Now’s the time to teach them something that could develop into a new hobby for them.

I hope these ideas help you if you are struggling during this summer break.

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