Getting Remarried With Kids In Tow: What You Need To Think About!

If after getting divorced, you’ve met someone who loves you and your kids, you may be planning on getting remarried. He might have already asked, or you may have a hunch that soon enough he’s going to soon. Either way, before you tie the knot, you need to think about what getting remarried means for you and your children.

 Does your new partner treat you like a queen? Is he amazing with your kids? Do you make a fantastic blended family? If the answer is yes to all of the above, there’s no reason not to get married. However, before you walk down the aisle, there’s some things that you need to do and discuss.

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To ensure that no matter what happens when you get remarried, you are your kids are okay, here’s what you need to do:

Discuss your finances with your partner

 One of the most important aspects when getting remarried is the financial side of things. Whether you have savings or debts, you need to discuss them with your partner. This is because when you get married, what’s yours will also become your partners and vice versa. So it’s best to be upfront and open with them from the start. You also need to talk about who will pay for what – will he be willing to contribute towards raising your children? These are all important things that before you say ‘I do,’ you need to straighten out.

Consider getting a prenuptial agreement

 If you own your own home and your partner does not, you may not feel comfortable getting married without a prenup. The reason for this is that if the two of you split up, you don’t want you and your children to be left without a home. So having an agreement in place that states should you split up, you and your children can stay in your home, is important. A lot of people don’t know whether a prenup is legal in the UK, and because of this aren’t sure whether it’s worth having on. While a prenup isn’t a legal document in the UK, in the case of divorce most judges will honour them as long as they’re fair to both parties. It’s also important that they’re in place for a reason, such as your kid’s wellbeing.

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Talk about your partner’s role in your children’s lives

It’s probably a good idea to have a chat about the role that your partner will play in your children’s lives. Ask him whether he’d like to be an active father figure and whether he’d be happy to contribute financially to their upbringing. If he’s going to play a big part in their lives, and be the father of any other children that you may have, it’s important that he’s serious about them. It’s also a good idea to ask him whether he’d be happy to treat yours’, his, and both of your children, equally. Something that is of the utmost importance when it comes to taking on someone else’s children.

When it comes to re-marrying, it’s important that you take the time to ask the right questions and put the right safeguards in place. To ensure that whatever happens, you and your little ones will be okay.

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