Interactive Toys For Kids – What Should I Buy?

Twas’ old Ben Franklin himself that said: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” He might have had a point there you know. Involving your little one in the education process through play is a great way to give them a solid learning foundation.

There are lots of different toys on the market that encourage interactive play. Below I take a peek at the three main options.

Interactive Electronic Gadgets

Firstly we have the electronic interactive toys. Kids these days are natives of this arena, they grow up typing, watching youtube and generally being pretty computer savvy. Even if you are a bit of a Luddite, remember that, as a parent, you should be setting the boundaries for their device use. Limit time spent on media, especially before bed and nap time as the blue light emitted from some screen can have a ‘wake up effect’. Limit your child’s access to certain websites through security features and parental controls.


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An interactive gadget that you may want to consider is a tablet designed for kids. They come with shock proof coating and simple controls. Then you can add reading, matching and sorting apps so your little one gets lots of interactive play. It also means that your phone doesn’t constantly go missing because Peppa Pig is on. Don’t forget to get some volume controlled headphones too.

Interactive Toys That Have Electronic Elements

One of the best developments in toys recently, has been the interactive plushes and dolls. That’s right it’s a toy, that interacts with your child, but that they also will also want to snuggle!


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There are quite a few different types on the market. You could try an electronic, and don’t worry i am not talking Tamagotchi here. Some of the newer designs use a smartphone or a tablet (not provided) and have a soft cover to surround it. It’s a great way of teaching your child responsibility, with none of the dog doo to clear up! Nice.

Although interactive dolls have been around for a while, they are a great way of stimulating your child’s imagination. While you can still get the old school tiny tears, I am glad to say that is not the only option on offer. There is plenty of gender neutral and aspirational interactive dolls out there, so don’t don’t let your old prejudice put you off.

Non-technological toys

Ah, non-electronic interactive toys, the quietest option by far! In this technological time, a nice change of pace can be an old fashioned style toy. They are still interactive, though, some would argue even more so as they require your child to do more of the imagination work. Classic choices for this category include Lego, wooden building blocks and Dinky toys like these British model buses.  



Easy games with these sorts of toys that have an interactive element include, sorting, matching and counting games. To add another dimension to the play, why not paint backdrops and scenery as well?

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