3 Essential Ingredients of a Satisfying Sex Life

Health-Let-Talk-About-SexHas the spark in your relationship gone out, or are you having problems between the sheets? Lots of things can get in the way of good sex. Don’t assume that your flagging relationship is doomed to fail though. There might be some simple ways that you can revive the romance and get the physical side of your relationship back on track. To give you an idea of where you may be going wrong, here are three essential ingredients of a satisfying sex life.

1) Honesty

Bringing up sex-related topics with your partner might cause a few blushes, like anxieties relating to size,, but honesty is key if you’re to enjoy yourselves in bed. For example, don’t be tempted to hide any sexual difficulties you may be having. It’s estimated that as many as 50 per cent of women experience problems with sex, ranging from pain during intercourse to loss of arousal and difficulties orgasming. Men are not immune to bedroom issues either. Up to half of men aged between 40 and 70 have erectile dysfunction to some extent, and this problem can strike at a much younger age. Places like can help you with this issue. Trying to hide difficulties like these out of shame or for fear of offending your partner is a mistake. They will know something is wrong anyway, and if you don’t discuss your problem, they might assume you no longer find them attractive, or even suspect you’re having an affair.

It might be difficult to begin with, but sharing your issue with your other half could increase the level of trust between the two of you. Also, it will make it easier to tackle the problem. Some sexual difficulties are a result of underlying medical complaints, so you might need to make an appointment with a doctor. In other cases, they have a psychological trigger and are best addressed through talking therapies. Targeted treatments are also available for certain conditions. For example, Viagra is a popular medication for sufferers of erectile dysfunction. There are alternatives to this treatment too, including Cialis. This is faster acting and lasts longer than Viagra. It’s now possible buy Cialis in the UK from online pharmacies and you can get further information online or by speaking to your doctor.

2) Time

Time is another key ingredient of a good sex life. Pressures at work and home often mean couples spend too little time with each other, and this can cause them to drift apart and lose that all-important sense of togetherness.To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, try to set aside at least one full day or a couple of evenings a week to be with your other half. Whether you catch a film at the cinema, go out for a meal, take a day trip or do something else, being with your partner should help to reinforce your bond. In turn, this could lead to greater physical intimacy.

3) Experimentation

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to sex. To add some extra spice to your relationship, experiment with each other by exploring your fantasies and trying new things, like an Irontech doll. Even something as simple as testing out new positions or making love outside your bedroom from time to time could help you to rekindle the spark. Why not surprise your partner by booking a surprise romantic weekend away too?

Following advice like this can do more than improve your sex life; it can also enhance your relationship in general and make you happier as a couple.

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