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Treating Myself with MandM Direct

One thing that I’m not very good at is buying clothes for myself. There are several reasons for this:

  1. I never feel hugely confident that I pick things which suit me or are very flattering. When I was younger I had a fairly distinct sense of style and knew what I liked and what looked good. Since having kids, my shape has changed and I always feel like I’m dressed all wrong.
  2.  I always feel guilty about spending money on myself when I could be spending it on the girls or the home.
  3.  I HATE going into shops and trying things on.

All of these things tend to add up to my wardrobe looking pretty tragic at the best of times and me never feeling like I’ve got anything to wear. So when MandM Direct got in touch and asked if I’d like to pick an outfit for myself, I FORCED myself to choose something for me! Here’s what I chose:

Brave Soul Women’s Shirt in Charcoal – £17.99

Levi’s Womens Classic Rise Demi Curve Slim 5 Pocket Jeans in Glacier Grey – £39.99

Havaianas Womens Top Flip Flops in Pistachio – £12.99

Husband will be immensely proud of me; he’s ALWAYS telling me to buy Levis and other quality brands, instead of supermarket own brand jeans. I know he’s right; you do get what you pay for with these things and it’s better to spend more on good quality items that will last longer than buy cheaply and need to replace it more often.

Havaianas are a bit of an addiction for me and a yearly treat, although I usually wait until my birthday in June and ask someone to buy them for me as a gift – I’ll have to think of something different for my birthday list now…or be REALLY indulgent and get 2 new pairs this year! To be fair, MandM Direct is one of the UK’s leading off price retailers, with up to 75% off big brands 365 days a year, so their prices mean that I CAN treat myself! What’s not to love about guilt-free shopping?!

I love the fact that the items I’ve chosen can be dressed up or down and will good just as good for a casual afternoon lunch or accessorised for an evening occasion and worn with high heels instead of flip flops. Apparently, my skin and hair tones mean that I’m a summer pallette and I should wear soft greys, blues and other colours which tone down the pink tones in my skin. What do you think of my choices? I’d love to hear what you think so leave me a comment below.

One thought on “Treating Myself with MandM Direct

  1. Love your choices. I am always the same about spending money on myself (and trying things on in shops) I make clothes last for ages

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