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Thoughtful And Gorgeous Gift Ideas For A Mother



Buying a gift for a mother can be no easy task. This is probably the first thought of many. But in fact, it can be relatively easy when you think about. Whether it is a birthday, special occasion, anniversary or a thank you. Choosing the perfect gift can be easy. Mostly, in my experience, most mothers would appreciate thoughtful gifts over anything else. So here’s a few ideas to inspire you.

A handmade card or picture

I think one of the best gifts a mother can receive is something homemade. If you have younger children, this could be a drawn picture or card. Perhaps an item they have made with handprints or footprints. All of which can be treasured for years to come. When you find this hand-made item in the future, it will transport you right back to the moment. Which is a memory that is priceless. If you have older children, or even thinking of a gift for your mother, this concept can work. Use your talents to your advantage, so if you are a keen photographer take a picture. If you are good at knitting, make something. If you think about it, there are many things you can do, all of which cost little. Only your time and effort.

A framed photograph of a special moment

If you are stuck for ideas on what to make them a great alternative is to either capture an image or print an older one off and have it framed. This can have the same effect and transport your mum right back to that moment it was taken. There are lot’s of things to consider, but perhaps something like the black frames from Best4Frames could be a great place to start.

An engraved item

Getting an item engraved, whether something new or already a possession, can be quite special. That engraving will be a constant reminder of that moment. It could be a special date like an anniversary or birthday or just a simple message that means something. Whatever you choose it to be, you know it will feel special.

A night off

Something a little controversial and not a gift as such, but a night off could be your winning choice. A mother loves her children immensely. No words can ever describe that. But giving her an opportunity to have a bath that is uninterrupted. Or a date night with their loved ones would be amazing. Of course, you will know your wife and mother the best. So, this won’t be for everyone. But I know many mothers appreciate the chance to re-energise.

Something personalised

Finally, a personalised gift will always be something a mother would treasure. No matter what age your children are, or even if it’s for your mum, something personalised will always win at the heart. A teddy bear or piece of jewellery that says mum, for example. Even a glass for their favourite tipple, personalised with their name and a message, will always go down well. The options are endless.

I hope this might inspire any husbands out there, or even for your mothers. Sometimes the simpler choice is always the best.


A Few Ideas For Family Traditions That You Should Start

When you have a new baby, you have so many thoughts flying around your head. The early days are more of a zombified state but you eventually get through the haze. Then it comes to thinking about the tiny human that is now part of your family. What will you teach him? What do you want him to know or what type of person do you want him to be? They, of course, come along with their own personalities, but there is so much that we can teach them. One thing that I think is so important is quality family time together. One of the ways that you can enjoy that time together is by starting some traditions as a family.

There are a lot of things that you could start doing together. Some of them are for set times of the year. Christmas is an easy time to think about traditions that you might have as a family. It is a good idea to think about things you will do with your children at that time of year. Are you a family that opens their presents one by one and take turns? Do you go to midnight mass or will it be seen as a time of giving and not about the Christian side of it? Are you a family that has the majority of presents from Father Christmas and a few from mum and dad? Will it be the other way around? Whatever you choose, it is a good idea to decide when your baby is small. It can be tricky deciding if you and your partner have grown up in rather different families. So talking about it now will help you to have things in place when the time comes.


You could also start by having a special meal together once a week. A lot of families choose a day like Sunday for this as it is a relaxed day and you can pretty much guarantee that everyone will be at home. A nice meal, all sat at the table, is such precious time. You can hope that it will be a time that the children will look forward to as they grow up. Something like a beef casserole or a roast chicken dinner would be perfect. Everyone can pitch in prepare it and it is good hearty, healthy food.

You could start a collection for your child. Do they have a lot of soft toys that you could start to grow a collection of? Or could you make this a seasonal tradition? At Christmas, they could get a new bauble each year. At Easter, they could add to a collection of Easter bonnets. Think about you and your child and something that you think would be special. You need to remember to do it, though!

You could put something in place for their birthdays each year. They could have a certain type of cake each year or expect gifts with a certain theme. You could even do a photoshoot with them each year on their birthday, or just before school starts again.

There are so many options when it comes to family traditions. It is just a good idea to start planning them out now before it is too late to start.


Get Your Family’s Finances Back On Track With This Advice

Many people have struggled to make end meet since the financial meltdown of 2008. However, the markets have since improved, and so now is the best time to take decisive action. You understand your situation better than me, but I’ve got some excellent advice you might like to consider. So, read this post and see if my ideas could help your family to get back on track.

Consolidate your debts with a loan

Contrary to popular belief, most people can get credit if they’re willing to accept high-interest rates. Depending on your circumstances, you might benefit from a loan to settle all outstanding debts. You need to make a decision between secured and unsecured deals. Thankfully, I’ve included an infographic with this post that should help you to make the right choice.

Get some advice from a debt professional

There are many financial experts out there who might offer some lucrative advice. So, you should perform some research and find a reputable professional in your area. Book an appointment and explain your situation.

Remortgage your home

If you run out of options, you might like to remortgage your family home. People who’ve paid their monthly bills for a long time could raise a lot of cash using that strategy. Just bear in mind that you will increase your long-term debt considerably.

I sincerely hope that you manage to resolve your financial situation this year. There is nothing worse than sitting at home waiting for final demand letters. So, you need to take a proactive approach and regain some control over your lives.

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6 Gifts For Sporty Men

sporty menChoosing gifts for men can become increasingly difficult for us women. We finally choose the perfect present and then, before we know it, another gift-giving event comes around and we need to try and find another present that we think they will love.

Before you let the situation stress you out and spend countless hours running around the shops, take a few minutes to think about what the man you are buying for really loves – because then you can’t go far wrong. Is he sporty, for example? There are a wide variety of gift ideas for men with a sporting passion. Here are six ideas that they are guaranteed to love almost as much as they love their team.

1. A subscription to a sporty magazine

Whether the man in your life is a fan of golf, a lover of football or he is more in to cycling – there are magazines to cover them all. Plus, keeping on top of their game is important so a subscription means that they can catch up of the news and events surrounding their sport each month, when it lands on their doorstep.

2. A stadium tour

Your sporty man has probably been to see his team play a number of times but, has he ever been behind the scenes of the stadium? Whether he is cheering for Chelsea, mad for Man Utd or loving Liverpool, a tour will enable him to walk in the footsteps of his idols as he see the stadium from a different view.

3. Sporting essentials

Sports teams update their kit all the time. If the shirt he is wearing is ‘so last season’ then make his day with his team’s most up-to-date shirt! Likewise, he might spend much of his free time playing his sport, but does he have all the items that he needs to do so? Perhaps a new bag for his football boots, wet weather gear for a rainy day on the golf course, or a slogan t-shirt that expresses his love for the sport?

4. Personalised memorabilia

A personalised present is always thoughtful and unique, couple this with memorabilia from their favourite sport and you are on to a winner. How about a personalised dressing room mug, an image that puts them in the frame alongside their favourite players, or the ball of their sport with their name engraved on it.

5. A sporty day out

A day out is the perfect way to spend quality time with the man in your life…plan this around a sporty event – and you have the ideal present. This could be anything from a day playing Zorb Football, a round of golf or something a bit out of the ordinary – such as surfing, archery or coasteering.

6. A novelty sports gift

If you are just looking for a token gift for an acquaintance then you might want to consider a novelty sports gift. There are plenty of quirky presents for sports fans, which blend their love of sport with everyday gifts – chocolate footballs, sport cufflinks, or a sporty print for the home, perhaps.

You definitely won’t receive a red card for these gifts!

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How Modern Life Helps Us To Be Better Parents

Me, the lilac shell-suit, circa 1989...
Me, the lilac shell-suit, circa 1989…

Growing up in the Eighties and Nineties, there are huge elements of my childhood which would seem unbelievably alien to children of my kids’ generation, for better or for worse. Lots of people focus on the negative sides of modern life and it’s effect on childhood, but I was thinking about some of the ways that modern life actually allows us to be better parents than previous generations, and I thought I’d share some of them with you.


If, like I did, you grew up in a family of smokers, there’s a good chance that you were exposed to a LOT of second-hand smoke. I remember sitting at the table in my Nan’s house, surrounded by no less than 5 adults, all puffing away. These days, we have a lot more knowledge about the damage that second hand smoke does, and have brilliant things like a ‘vaping kit‘ which allows grown ups to get their nicotine fix without putting the kids’ health at risk.


When I was little, kids were allowed to play out in the street or parks and once you left the house, that was it – the only way you could be contacted is if your Mum came to the park in her pinny and slippers to shout “YOUR DINNER IS READY!” from the gate. Now, we’ve got mobile phones which means we can keep in touch at the touch of a screen and even have apps which allow us to see the exact location of our kids at all times.


Homework is an arduous task for any generation, but the availability of information these days is SO much better. In the 90’s, very few people had home internet so if you needed to know something you either went to the library or looked it up in the (very probably out of date) encyclopedias if your parents had them. Now, parents are able to wow their kids with their ability to help with homework from any internet-enabled device.


Aside from the aforementioned encyclopedias, and perhaps a bit of hand-me-down knowledge from your Nan, anything health related was a matter for a doctor. Now, I’m not saying that internet diagnosis is always a good thing but I see SO many Mums getting their minds put at rest through Facebook groups and online forums and it means that we don’t have to drag out kids to the germ-infested doctors waiting room, only to be told it’s just a viral rash.


In the Nineties, unless you were one of the very privileged few who could afford satellite TV, kids programmes were confined to a couple of hours after school, before Neighbours (or Home and Away, if you were a CITV kid…) and the 6 ‘o clock news came on. Now, we’re able to provide our kids with 24 hour entertainment, if we want to, thanks to the myriad kids channels, Netflix, Amazon Prime and even YouTube, making our generation the official busters of boredom!