A Few Ideas For Family Traditions That You Should Start

When you have a new baby, you have so many thoughts flying around your head. The early days are more of a zombified state but you eventually get through the haze. Then it comes to thinking about the tiny human that is now part of your family. What will you teach him? What do you want him to know or what type of person do you want him to be? They, of course, come along with their own personalities, but there is so much that we can teach them. One thing that I think is so important is quality family time together. One of the ways that you can enjoy that time together is by starting some traditions as a family.

There are a lot of things that you could start doing together. Some of them are for set times of the year. Christmas is an easy time to think about traditions that you might have as a family. It is a good idea to think about things you will do with your children at that time of year. Are you a family that opens their presents one by one and take turns? Do you go to midnight mass or will it be seen as a time of giving and not about the Christian side of it? Are you a family that has the majority of presents from Father Christmas and a few from mum and dad? Will it be the other way around? Whatever you choose, it is a good idea to decide when your baby is small. It can be tricky deciding if you and your partner have grown up in rather different families. So talking about it now will help you to have things in place when the time comes.


You could also start by having a special meal together once a week. A lot of families choose a day like Sunday for this as it is a relaxed day and you can pretty much guarantee that everyone will be at home. A nice meal, all sat at the table, is such precious time. You can hope that it will be a time that the children will look forward to as they grow up. Something like a beef casserole or a roast chicken dinner would be perfect. Everyone can pitch in prepare it and it is good hearty, healthy food.

You could start a collection for your child. Do they have a lot of soft toys that you could start to grow a collection of? Or could you make this a seasonal tradition? At Christmas, they could get a new bauble each year. At Easter, they could add to a collection of Easter bonnets. Think about you and your child and something that you think would be special. You need to remember to do it, though!

You could put something in place for their birthdays each year. They could have a certain type of cake each year or expect gifts with a certain theme. You could even do a photoshoot with them each year on their birthday, or just before school starts again.

There are so many options when it comes to family traditions. It is just a good idea to start planning them out now before it is too late to start.

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