professional-handyman-1At one time, it was easy. If the home needed repairs or maintenance, most men and the majority of women would roll up their sleeves, get out the toolbox and do it themselves. It was seen as an admission of failure to get someone in.

That’s all changed now and, as the Guardian highlights, DIY skills seem to be dying. Some of this is because we have less time to spend on doing up the house, but it also comes from a growing realisation that amateur jobs often turn out to have amateur results. If you want your home improvement to look good, it’s time to get a professional handyman in.

Getting a Handyman In

Several years ago, the Telegraph announced “the year of the handyman”. But why not individual specialists, such as plumbers, electricians, decorators and carpenters? Well, if you can track down a dozen top-class specialists, good luck to you, but you’ll have more luck finding a single top-class handyman who can turn his hand to any of these jobs at the highest standards.

Of course, you still have to find a good handyman, not just settle for the mediocre. Which? advises what you should expect to pay for various jobs and how long they should last, but if you’re looking for handyman services in Putney London, Handy Squad can fulfil all these conditions.

Some of Our Jobs

Our handymen can turn their hands to most of the jobs you might need done, from electrical work to assembling flat-pack furniture, all at an expert level. Here are just a few:

Painting and tiling the bathroom. We’ll paint the walls and ceiling with mould-resistant paint, and either replace your tiles or re-grout them to make them look new. At the same time, we can do any plumbing work needed, from replacing taps to putting in a new shower.

Assembling flat-pack furniture. It’s never as easy as the instructions claim, and if you want to avoid the hassle of working out which screw goes in which hole, we’ll have your furniture assembled in no time.

Decorating a room. Wallpapering and painting isn’t as easy as it looks. We’ll strip the old paper and paint and fill in any cracks, before painting or papering the walls and painting the woodwork. It’ll end up looking exactly as you imagined.

Electrical installations. Whether you want new light-fittings or power-points, complete new circuits, or even to take your electrical supply into the garden, we have handymen who are highly qualified as electricians and can provide as expert a job as we always offer.