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Girls’ Bedroom : Modern nursery/kids room by Room Service UK

Written in collaboration with homify.

When we first moved into this house, we were told that we could decorate which was great because it’s nice to be able to put your stamp on a home, even if it’s rented, and thing always look nicer with a bit of a freshen up. At first, we were waiting for furniture to arrive, then we started to notice a damp problem in the bedrooms which needed various repairs and some slightly warmer weather to clear up, but we’re finally in a position now where we actually start to think about decorating.

The girls are sharing a bedroom for the first time ever so we want to make their room a priority, which means thinking of lots of girls bedroom ideas which will suit both a 7 year old and a 2 year old, and last for a few years. Neither is the type of girly-girl who would insist on EVERYTHING being pink, which means that we can really have some fun with what we choose.

We already have bunk beds for them, which they absolutely adore (BB shouts, at random points throughout the day, “CAN I SEE MY NEW BED?!” before dragging me in there simply to look at them!) and I’d love to set one corner of the room up as a little reading nook with a lamp, bookcase and a couple of beanbags. They both love reading so it would be such a nice little bonding space for them to share.

One thing that both girls have in common is a deep love for anything animal related, specifically sea creatures, so a sea-themed room could work really well and providing we didn’t make it too ‘cutesy’ it could last them for a fair while too. There’s always a risk when adding any sort of motif or character into a child’s bedroom that they’ll outgrow it so thinking about whether they’ll still like it in 5 years is really important.

Lighting is something else that I’ll be thinking about quite closely. I’m really not a fan of overhead lighting in many rooms, as I tend to prefer the softer lighting that comes from lamps. We’ve got some really pretty low-voltage rose-pink fairy lights to wrap around the ends of their bunk beds, which I’m hoping will act as an alternative to a night light as this will be the first time that BB has slept in a room without me and I want her to feel secure.

Do you have any great ideas for kids bedrooms? Leave me a comment below.

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