How to give your home and garden a spring makeover

Each spring we give the house a thorough clean from top to bottom and look out into the garden debating which area to tackle first. Instead of just donning the rubber and garden gloves, why not plan a mini makeover for your indoor and outdoor space too? It won’t even take much in terms of funds or time and some of these simple changes can completely transform a space.

Inside the house

Change your feature wall

Many of us have a wall in our living room or bedroom that creates a contrast to other aspects of the room – perhaps it’s a striking wallpaper design, a bold colour or a gallery wall put together with mismatched frames and fun artwork. If you’re looking to makeover your inside space, switch out the décor on this wall for something new, whether it’s a different colour of paint or a simple swap out of the pictures in those frames.

Introduce a new theme

If your walls are still bare and the shelves are a mish mash of stuff you’ve collected over the years, have a good de clutter and create a theme in each room. Perhaps a monochrome look in the living room (which should be easy to achieve with some black and white cushions and minimal colour) or some pastel accessories to your white kitchen to create a kitschy look.

Feature some natural elements

Instantly enhance your home with the addition of fresh flowers around the house. It’s the perfect way of introducing a spring makeover with natural elements of the season, and you can either pick up some bunches from the supermarket or take them from your own garden to place in vases around your home.

Get a handle on things

Kitchen and sideboard drawers and cupboards can be instantly revamped, simply by swapping out the handles. You can either pick up some funky new designs from stores such as Urban Outfitters or Etsy, or you could get crafty and make your own with items from around the home – these dinosaur and animal handles are quirky and fun!

Outside in the garden

Freshen up the plant life

If your hanging baskets have been neglected since Autumn and the flower beds are barren, some new plant life could instantly give your garden a fresh new makeover. Choose flowering shrubs in bold colours, fill hanging baskets with colourful seasonal flowers and bulbs to introduce some much needed colour and rejuvenation.

Revamp your garden furniture

Over winter, the elements can cause havoc on wood and metal garden furniture as they succumb to peeling varnish, paint or even rust. Take this opportunity to get the sand paper and the paint stripper out and relieve your furniture of any old paintwork, then choose a bright, bold colour – perhaps a pretty teal or a sunshine yellow to evoke those feelings of spring. Apply it and be sure to seal it with weather proof clear varnish once you’re done! Simply adding some colour to your outside space can give it a much needed refresh and makeover.

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