Dining Room or Reading Nook?

Reading Nook ideasI’ll be completely honest; since we moved back in September, we’ve still not really got the house how we’d like it…by which I mean we still have a room full of boxes instead of a dining room! Our dining table was damaged before we moved and we haven’t got around to fixing it yet, but we’re finally getting around to getting it sorted, so I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with the room to make it lovely. The room itself isn’t huge but it’s the warmest room in the house so I think it could be amazing with a few tweaks:


One wall of our dining room will be lined with bookcases, holding all of our books (and believe me, there are a lot!) There’s not really space for them in the lounge so the dining room is the obvious place for them and I think it could be quite a sweet little reading nook.

Occasional Chair

If we’re going to sit in there to read then we need to think about occasional chairs. I’d love a big fabric chair like this occasional chair from Fishpools to sit in to read or listen to music and a couple of matching chairs, and perhaps a footstool, would set the room off nicely. Obviously, I’d like something which both looks beautiful and is comfortable to sit in, but also something which will last a long time, which is why leather could be a really good option.


The overhead light in the room is fine for when we eat in there, but it’s a little bit dingy and because the ceiling is very low, it’s been tricky to find an appropriate lampshade for the room. If I’m honest, I actually MUCH prefer lamp light as it makes a room cosier and less stark, so a couple of standing lamps or perhaps a table lamp will be an absolute must.

Drinks Cabinet

I’m not a massive drinker at home but every so often, Husband and I will enjoy a tipple together and I’ve always loved the idea of having a proper drinks cabinet. I don’t necessarily mean a Del Boy style bar in the room, just somewhere to keep Husband’s 16-year Lagavulin and my gin, along with some soda and a few nice glasses!

To be honest, I’m not sure we’ll even have space for our enormous oak dining table and chairs once I get my readind area set up but the more I think about it, the more I really like the idea of a dedicated space for reading, so perhaps we’ll have to carry on eating off of our laps!

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