Save money by washing your own car. Despite my unhealthy relationship with almost daily trips to Waitrose, I am a gal who likes to make a saving (and in my defense, my of my Waitrose obsession is thanks to the FREE coffee and newspapers!). I’ve been making a few little changes here and there lately which have helped us to conserve the pennies, which over the course of a year will hopefully turn into pounds, and here’s just a few of them:

Energy Efficient Bulbs

Switching out your regular bulbs for energy-efficient ones (Bulbs2Go offer a great range) can save you a surprising amount of money – according to current research, replacing your bulbs can save you around £100 a year, which is pretty significant!

Only Use What You Need

This may seen like an obvious one but only using what you need of something can really help you to save. For instance, only filling the kettle with the exact amount of water you need means you aren’t spending money to heat water unnecessarily. Equally, I know SO many people who just chuck in a capful of washing gel or softener, when most of the newer concentrated solutions actually need far less for a whole wash. Measure properly and I guarantee it’ll last longer.

Turn Off Radiators

If you have rooms of the house, i.e. a dining room or downstairs loo, which have radiators in them but hardly get used, turn the rads OFF! Paying to heat spaces which are rarely occupied is a false economy and you can always turn them back up for half an hour before dinner so that it’s cosy while you’re in the room.

Get Selling

So many of us have got clutter sitting around, taking up space and hardly being used. Be ruthless and have a really good clear-out of the things you no longer use and work out what’s sellable. Facebook selling groups are an easy, commission-free way of making a buck off of your unwanted goods and you’ll be making money whilst decluttering your living space.

Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself doesn’t just apply to decorating and jobs around the home – take a look at areas where you’re paying someone to do something you’re capable of doing yourself and make a cut back. Buying expensive coffees on your way to work? Buy a travel mug and make your own. Paying someone to valet your car? Get your rubber gloves on and get stuck in! There are many things that you can do yourself rather than paying and if you have the time you can make a huge saving.