How to decor a family-friendly home

family decor by housebeautifulHaving a family is one of the most beautiful and challenging jobs of life. Everything changes, from a woman’s body to a couple’s home, and when this happens, it is important to take as many precautions as you can. In fact, when you plan a kid-proof home, every argument regarding kids safety and wellbeing is to be considered top priority, and should be carefully evaluated. Check out Shop Mohd online store, where you can find convenient and functional design furniture for your home. You’ll find many design accessories to make your home family-friendly as well as modern and elegant.

Remember however that safe does not mean unstylish, on the contrary!

Here are some tips that might help:

Easy-cleaning floors:

The charm of carpets is absolutely undeniable, as well as unpractical. Washable floors such as wood or laminate would be ideal, but if you can’t give up on soft, think about installing carpet tiles which are also easy to clean or replace and look very elegant.

Careful to the kitchen!

Stoves are probably the most dangerous part of the house, so be sure to plan the adequate cover. Same thing for the oven: it would be best to get a small oven and to put it where it is difficult for a kid to reach. Also, think about designing an apposite drawer with a key for detergents and/or fixing tools.

Design a room where everybody feels welcome:

Many families have chosen to dedicate an angle of the house to build a room where every member can enjoy spending time. Think about buying a library full of a couple’s favourite books, maybe besides some poufs and games for the kids. Hang on the walls pictures of the family but be sure to make everything colourful, including the frames.

The living room:

home decor by casamorangoSofas, Chairs, Coffee Tables, are only a few of the items that you can find in a living room. It is the space where you host friends as well as a part of the house in which kids play very often. That’s why it would be a good idea to get those stain-resistant materials for your furniture. And, if you feel like changing, you can place on the sofas slip-covers, which can be washed and bleached easily.

About the coffee table… Think about reducing as much as possible furniture with corners, especially when you know kids play around it. There are many ideas for a coffee table both elegant and practical such as round table or, even better, a very good looking upholstered ottoman.

toddler room by houzz

Space to the kids!

They have their own style! For example, for their room they might enjoy the Lego storage Brick on Mohd, or maybe they’ll like circle rugs which can be bought in different colours. Be sure to check out the collection made specifically for children, you’ll find many colourful ideas for the little ones. Don’t forget about storage! Use “dead spaces” such as under the kids bed to store games and every kind of stuff you need. Want more tips? Get here more 10 family-friendly Decorating Tips.

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