Sicily with children: Tips and Activities


Sicily is one of the favorite destinations for travelers who tag along their kids with them. This is because of the abundance of available activities that can accommodate children of all ages. Aside from the nature parks and archaeological sites to visit, waterparks and adventure parks abound to keep the entire family happy. Here are some tips and activities suited for a family holiday in Sicily.

Stay in a charming villa in the countryside or near the sea

If you want to have a real vacation, with all the comforts you can find, find a charming villa that provides you the necessary services that your family needs.

There are many companies in Italy like Country Holiday that can help you to find the right accommodation for your family. You can also choose those that have swimming pools and spas so your vacation will even be more relaxing and enjoyable. Some villas also provide necessary amenities for families with very young children. Depending on where your destination is, there are villas that are located in the countryside or near the sea. Keep in mind to reserve for one that can serve as a comfortable base for your itinerary.

Have Fun in Adventure Parks or Water Parks

You can’t drag your children the whole time to visit museums, especially if they are of very young age. They will lose interest immediately and it can get tiresome to be towing them around. Providing them a means of diversion in between your visits to some museums will keep them charged and interested all the way. There are many nature parks where they can test their agility and physical skills such as Adventure Park Ecocampus Casaboli which is just 15 minutes away from Palermo. While the children try the different activities, parents can pass away their time in the relaxation areas. Tree climbing, cable slides, rope ladder walking, archery and mountain biking are just some of the activities they offer.

In summer, aside from enjoying the beaches of Sicily, the entire family can also have fun in Etnaland Water Park located in Catania. It is a dinosaur-themed water park that offers more than just different rides and slides. The park also has a cableway and laser shows to keep the family excited the whole day long.

Drive around the Island

Instead of hopping from one public transport to the next, you can also opt to rent a car so it will more comfortable for the entire family to each destination. It’s more convenient when you have luggage and children to deal with. Kids don’t have much patience for many things, so having a comfortable ride can make it more fun and enjoyable for the entire family. You can stop anywhere you want or go anywhere you desire.

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