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Cancer. It’s a horrible subject that no-one likes to talk about and from a personal point of view, it’s something which has caused great sadness in both mine and Husband’s immediate families. The thing is though, it’s one of those subjects which, scary as it is, NEEDS to be talked about because awareness is one of the biggest steps towards prevention. Breast cancer is now more treatable than ever because women are so on-the-ball when it comes to knowing the signs, and the same can be said for many of the male cancers, such as testicular cancer.

Prostate cancer is THE single most common male cancer to be diagnosed within the UK but sadly still accounts for 13% of male deaths, which is a huge number of men succumbing to the disease. There are six key signs of prostate cancer and all men should be aware of these. The lovely folk at Discount Supplements have come up with a simple infographic illustrating the six signs, which you can see below:

Cancer Infographic

Whether you’re a lover of moustaches or not, there’s absolutely NO doubt that Movember has created massive awareness of male cancers; when it started back in 2003, there were just 30 participants and it’s now estimated that 5 million men grow a muzzy for Movember each year, which is an absolutely epic number. Obviously, raising money for Movember is important too, and for those of us unable to grow a top-lip-warmer, there’s also MOVE, a chance for people to move more and raise money for essential research and treatment of male cancers. If you want to get involved and take the MOVE challenge, take a look at their site HERE.

Are you a Movember devotee who grows a moustache every year? Is your partner a participant? Have you experienced a positive effect of the increase in awareness? We’d love to hear from you so please leave us a comment below.