A few weeks ago, the people at Spatone got in touch and asked if they could send me some of their products to review. Having suffered in the past with anaemia, I thought it would definitely be worth giving it a go, especially seeing as I had a house move and various other stress coming up, during which time I needed to be at my best.

Spatone Iron Supplement

Spatone is unlike other iron supplements in that it comes in liquid form and tastes a lot like a concentrated shot of pressed apple juice. This delivery method means that the body absorbs a far greater proportion of the iron in the supplement, as opposed to tablets which can be big, hard to swallow and potentially only offer 5% viability.

In the past, such as just after the girls were born, I was put on iron tablets by my doctors because of blood loss during surgery and, without wishing to be crass, they’ve caused the unfortunate side effect of constipation, which is something I (and probably everyone else) absolutely hate and don’t cope with very well. The good thing with Spatone is that they don’t seem to cause this problem, which I suspect is because of the apple juice counteracting that as a potential side-affect.

One thing that I was unaware of is that iron is the one mineral which women need more of than men, due to menstrual blood loss and as someone who’s suffered with gynae issues, I can certainly see why this would be the case. Spatone is really easy to take as it’s sold in individual, single-use sachets, so taking them every day is a doddle as there’s no need for measuring and you can even chuck them into your handbag if you want to take them on holiday with you.

Another thing I love about Spatone is that they’re perfect for use for (almost) the whole family – they can be used by anyone above the age of 2, which means you don’t have to buy a whole bunch of different iron supplements if you want to keep the whole family topped up. They also taste good enough that the kids never object to taking them, which can be a real boon if you’ve got kids who make a huge fuss of nasty tasting “medicine”!Red Blood Cells

With my Spatone samples, I also received a leaflet which contained some information which I found really interesting – did you know that, generally, runners can suffer with low iron levels? This is because the impact of your foot hitting the pavement can literally damage the red blood cells, leaving them destroyed and unable to carry oxygen. Additionally, the very act of sweating can cause iron depletion, so even if you’re a casual jogger it’s important to top up your iron levels with a dedicated supplement like Spatone.

My experience with Spatone has been a positive one. Having had only a weeks’ supply, I can’t say 100% that I feel any better than I would have without them but it has definitely been a pleasure to be able to take an iron supplement and know that I’m maintaining good iron levels without the added worry of constipation.

Do you suffer with low iron levels? Do you find that iron supplements in tablet form upset your digestive system? Leave me a comment below.