What The Tooth Fairy Pays in UK Homes

Sausage is in year 3 now and is in a class of absolutely lovely kids. Her main little group of friends are all fantastic and I love chatting with them while they’re lining up in the mornings. One thing that I noticed this morning is the distinct lack of teeth between them! One of Sausages bestows, who we’ll call Miss Custard, was telling me that she’s lost two teeth I’m the past week! She decided to be merciful to the Tooth Fairy though, and put both under her pillow at once so that she’d only need to make one trip to provide remuneration for Miss. Custards gnashers! She excitedly told me that she’d received the princely sum of £2 for both teeth, which according to Sun Life Direct is actually bang on the national average – nice to see that Mrs. Tooth Fairy isn’t perpetuating any sort of North/South pay divide!

Here’s a lovely little infographic, giving you an insight into a few other facts about tooth-related monetary gain!
 photo blog-what the tooth fairy pays in UK homes-infographic_zpspp73sfsx.png
I was most surprised to see that kids in London are frequented the least by the Tooth Fairy – although, everyone knows that only believers get a visit, so perhaps those toughened, cynical city kids just don’t believe enough to get a coin for their tooth!

Sausage seems to be ahead of the curve with her adult teeth – she’s already lost 5 baby teeth and currently has a wobbled and her adult teeth have grown through on the tops and bottoms. Keeping on top of tooth brushing is vitally important now that her permanent teeth are in and it’s something that we’re really hot on in our house.

Hopefully she won’t need braces once she’s older; I had both “train track” style braces and a retainer when I was in senior school and although I was lucky enough to only need them for less than a year, it was bad enough even during that time!

How much does the Tooth Fairy provide to your little ones? What age did your bigger ones stop being believers? I’d love to hear all about your tooth-related experiences so do leave me a comment below!

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