These are the Best Father’s Day Gifts Ever

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Fathers, or men, in particular are quite difficult to shop for. So, when Father’s Day is just around the corner, you go on panic mode trying to find the ideal gift to give to your dad. You think of ties, shirts, a wallet, a belt, or the kind of thing that he commonly receives for birthdays and Christmas. So why not show your dad how much you really thought about your gift this Father’s Day? Surprise dad on this special occasion with these ideas.

  1. A chance to drive a luxury car. Well, if you can afford it, buying him a luxurious brand new car will definitely make the day extra special for him. Yet, reality bites a lot more often than we would want. While you might not be able to buy a new car for your dad, why not give him a chance to drive one? Your dad would surely love to drive a Ferrari or drive a BMW. Check this website, which offers luxury car rental services in diverse European countries. Rent an exotic car and give your dad the experience of driving a luxurious car even if it’s just for a day. That would be one of the coolest gifts!
  2. A ticket to a Champions League match. Most Europeans love watching football, so a ticket to a Champions League match will be one of the most exciting gifts you can give your dad. Find out the most convenient schedule that falls during or near his birthday to make it even more special. Make sure that it will be a game of his favorite team to increase the thrill. Why not tag along so you both can share the experience and the memory.
  3. Tickets to a concert. Being prepared in advance for Father’s Day will make it easier to find the perfect gift for your dad. Find out which singer or artists will soon be having a concert near you so you can buy tickets to watch the show. It will be great if the artist is his all-time favorite! It will be an experience worth remembering for a lifetime.
  4. A brand new gadget. Since everything is mostly techy these days, why not give him a gift that makes life more convenient for him. If he is a gadget-obsessed person, your gift will surely be well-appreciated. There are so many gadgets available like smartphones and tablets. You can also consider other techy objects such as a mobile phone smart watch, a GoPro action camera, or computer and PC gaming accessories. Find out which gadget he might need or want. Once he unwraps the package, he will be in for some good surprise!
  5. A day in a spa. Fathers work so hard to bring food to the table and provide for the family’s needs. Why not give him a gift that will make him relax and unwind? Treat him to a nice day in a spa where he can be pampered. Your dad will like the idea of getting a good massage to ease out his muscles and make him be worry-free for a day. Buy two tickets so your mom can go with him. Why not a thermal bath at thermaebath spa? It would be more fun to have someone along to share the experience and for company as well.

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