Sleep has always been a funny old thing in our house. Husband and I could not be more different – he’s a lifelong, bona fide insomniac who is sometimes awake for days on end, whereas we have a running joke that I could fall asleep standing up…and I actually DID once! Sausage and BB fall somewhere in the middle. Both sleep really well but neither of them are able to fall asleep particularly early, so I always give a little chuckle when I see other people talking about their kids being in bed by 7pm. I literally cannot imagine having that much evening to myself, nor am I sure that I’d want it.

Furniture Village has conducted a “Sleeptember Survey” showing some interesting statistics with regards to the way people sleep, and I must say, I found it really interesting! The thing about green walls really surprised me, as I’ve always found green to be a really calming colour and Husband and I actually have a turquoise colour picked out for one wall in our own bedroom.

Sleeptember Survey

One part of the survey which didn’t surprise me was the fact about having a clutter free bedroom. Having 2 kids means that there are rarely ever ANY parts of our house which are clutter free, but I always sleep SO much better on the days that I give the bedroom a good tidy. There’s nothing nicer than slipping into fresh bedsheets in a clean, tidy room for helping you go off to sleep.

Husband and I also far prefer a cool room to sleep in. I’m a bit of a chilly-bones, but I always feel suffocated in a hot bedroom, so we prefer to keep the radiators off when we sleep and layer up with blankets if we get too cold. We recently invested in new mattresses for the whole family, so we’re all sleeping very comfortably, in terms of our furniture.

Currently, we’re living on a busy main road which is also a bus route, which means that the moment people start leaving for work, I’m awake. However, next week we’re moving to a much more rural location with no through-road, just a dead end leading to a river, so we’re hoping that the peace and quiet will be a LOT more conducive to sleep!

What’s your sleep routine like? Do you go to bed at a set time? Do you need a minimum of 8 hours to feel properly human? Leave me a comment below, we’d love to hear all about it!