1428485827_52Smoking cigarettes is an expensive habit, and we’re not just talking about the price of a packet of 20, as dear as the average deck is these days. If you’re a parent or mum who smokes, the chances are that you’ve either thought of quitting the tobacco habit, or you’ve already tried and failed in the past. The truth is, most smokers want to quit tobacco because of the harm it does to their own health and the threat it poses to the health of their nearest and dearest.

Five harmful effects of cigarette tobacco:

• The average cigarette releases around 4,000 chemicals when lit, including arsenic, Polonium-210, carbon monoxide, ammonia, and hydrogen cyanide. All can cause cancer.
• Cigarettes contain tar which forms unsightly stains on fingers and teeth but, more importantly, ends up as a sticky deposit in the respiratory system.
• Chemicals like arsenic and cyanide in cigarettes can cause serious damage to your heart and blood vessels.
• According to Cancer Research UK, passive smoking increases non-smokers’ chances of getting lung cancer by 25%.
• Around 11,000 people die each year from lung cancer, heart disease or strokes caused by passive smoking.

As anyone who has tried to quit smoking knows, it’s not easy. In fact, it takes an average of five attempts before you break the habit for good. Everyone is different, but here are five ways that have helped thousands of people give up smoking:

• Nicotine replacement therapy can be highly effective and includes using a range of therapies, such as gum, tablets, lozenges, patches, nasal spray, and inhalers. All of these may be available on prescription.
• Going ‘cold turkey’ can work but simply quitting and riding out the cravings is only effective for around 3.5% of smokers.
• E-cigarettes, such as Vapouriz e-cigs,  can and do help people quit the tobacco habit, acting as an excellent alternative to smoking. Surveys have shown that smokers who turn to e-cigarettes are 60% more likely to quit tobacco for good, compared to patches, gums or by willpower alone.
• Hypnotherapy can also be extremely effective in helping you to quit, although you will probably need more than a single session.
• Setting yourself a physical goal or target involving gentler activities like swimming, yoga, walking, or cycling can be a great way to feel healthier. This will help you focus on taking better care of yourself and making that big lifestyle change!